Fast, cheap, and connected. Meet Stellar USDC.

The world’s fastest-growing USD stablecoin now moves on the world’s most efficient network.

Wallets, exchanges, payment companies, and market makers can now leverage the speed, security, and low cost of the Stellar network to operate a truly global digital dollar. Purpose-built for payments, Stellar network delivers and instantly exchanges the world’s digital currencies, at scale.

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Stellar USDC

Instant Global Payments

Stellar USDC combines the power of the Stellar network with a fully-backed and trusted digital US Dollar asset. Now, dollars can move anywhere, to anyone, in the form of Stellar USDC, and convert instantly into and out of the worlds’ currencies. Get started using Stellar USDC for Businesses by opening a Circle account.

Circle APIs
Simple Developer Toolkit

Developers looking to get started building with Stellar USDC can access it using Circle’s API. If you’re just beginning your Stellar development journey, you can find everything you’ll need to get started in the documentation.

Stellar Documentation
Custodying USDC is easy

If you’re a custodian or exchange supporting XLM and already implementing USDC on the Ethereum network with a Circle account, it’s easy to take advantage of Stellar’s negligible transaction fees by adding Stellar USDC. You’ll just need to create a trustline and add a user interface feature that allows your users to select the Stellar network. 

Set up a Custodial Account
Empower & access new economies

Stellar USDC offers exchanges exciting opportunities in new geographies. Not only is Stellar USDC fast and inexpensive to use for both institutional and retail users, it also gives exchanges access to Stellar's existing anchor corridors which are supported by fintech applications built on Stellar. Exchanges supporting Stellar USDC provide greater access to the Stellar ecosystem, instantly meeting the needs and demands across these new, emergent economies.

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On Chain Foreign Exchange

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FinClusive leverages USDC as its primary digital asset for sending and receing payments over the Stellar network with its partners. Partners can send FinClusive USDC for instant payout to their client account, or for payout to a third party.

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Wyre is a leading blockchain payments company that provides a Wyre Savings API where FinTechs can access yield-earning savings products leveraging Stellar USDC.

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