Stellar is public infrastructure for money.

Supported by a nonprofit, Stellar brings the world together by increasing interoperability between diverse financial systems and currencies.

Stellar is a technology that enables money to move directly between people, companies and financial institutions as easily as email. This means more access for individuals, lower costs for banks, and more revenue for businesses. Help better the world’s financial infrastructure by participating in our community or by building on Stellar. Start by learning what makes Stellar revolutionary:

Open, decentralized

The technology leverages on the power of people to send and receive value. More about decentralization.

Transact in multiple currencies

Stellar automatically performs any necessary currency conversions at the lowest rate possible.

Transactions confirm in seconds

Stellar uses a consensus mechanism to keep the network in sync, confirming and completing transactions almost instantaneously.

Developer & community focused

The Stellar API is designed for developers to easily contribute and build on top of. We pride ourselves on the participation of a vibrant, diverse community.

Our Mission

2.5 billion people worldwide lack a formal deposit account.
Our goal is to leverage education to expand financial access worldwide. We accomplish this by:

Distributing via education

95% of the native digital currency will be widely distributed through localized educational programs.

Developing open-source

World-changing technology should be freely distributed and built by people all around the world.

Operating as a non-profit

We commit our resources to financial inclusion and the overall mission of the organization.

Developing on Stellar

get started with the API

curl -X POST Start
1. Use js-stellar-lib to generate the public/private keys for your Stellar account.
2. Using the address you generated, ask our friendly robot to send you some lumens:
3. View your account using the Horizon API. It should contain 1,000 lumens.
Your test account is all set!
Save your keys to make other API calls on the network.
Test AccountID:

Test Secret Key:

Explore more of the Stellar architecture.


Stellar will be a transformative protocol. Being one of the first to build on the Stellar network will one day feel like having been one of the first to figure out what to do with SMTP.

Quinten Farmer, “Buying into Stellar”

People behind Stellar

Joyce Kim StellarShivani SiroyaGreg Brockman
Bartek Nowotarski StellarColleen McGarry StellarDavid Mazières StellarDiyang Tang StellarEva Gantz StellarGraydon Hoare StellarIris Li StellarJessica Collier StellarNicolas Barry StellarMat Schaffer StellarRomina Kavčič StellarScott Fleckenstein StellarVanessa Gennarelli StellarJoi ItoGreg SteinMatt MullenwegNaval RavikantRonaldo LemosLinda StoneSam AltmanDan Kaminsky