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Stellar is a network for innovators building real-world blockchain solutions that create financial access for everyone, everywhere.

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A network for innovators

Stellar gives builders an open platform to reimagine systems and solutions, as a network designed for speed, affordability, and utility. 

7+ Million Acounts

89 Million Payments
5.2B XLM DEX Volume
7.1 Million Daily Ops
5+ Billion Total Ops

The power of Stellar helps people who need it the most.

Network Features:


Transactions on Stellar confirm in just seconds. 

Low Cost

The average cost per transaction on Stellar is just a fraction of a penny.

Asset Issuance

Tokenize any asset in as little as 2 lines of code and use built-in mechanisms to tune it to your specific use case.

Built-in Compliance

Stellar is compliance-friendly, with embedded control features enabling KYC/AML.

Developer Tools

Stellar offers a comprehensive set of SDKs and tutorials to easily build nearly any use case.

Global Reach

Expand your reach on a global network of rails reaching over 185 countries.

Stellar For

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Enterprise Fund
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Mercado Bitcoin
Stellar Community Fund
Interested in learning more?
Explore our entire ecosystem.
See all projects and partners
Interested in learning more?
Explore our entire ecosystem.
See all projects and partners

Designed for Developers

As an open network, Stellar allows anyone to access its code, features, and the digital assets issued there. Stellar also boasts a wide array of SDKs and documentation for anyone looking to start a project or understand how the network operates in greater detail.

You have the knowledge. We have the tools. All there’s left to do is build.

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Featured Case Studies

How Wyre empowers businesses to build on Stellar with USDC

Wyre, a crypto infrastructure provider with a full suite of APIs, equips these businesses with the tools they need to bring their projects to life on Stellar.
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Ioannis Giannaros

Stellar's community is amazing, and its members are deeply entrenched into the ecosystem. There are a lot of deep believers and opportunities in the Stellar ecosystem, and we're really proud to be part of that.

CEO & Co-founder of Wyre

How RealtyBits powers alternative asset marketplaces on top of the Stellar network

RealtyBits Inc. is a marketplace infrastructure provider for private asset investing.
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Umed Latifov

We realized that Stellar was the best fit for what we wanted to do, because it specializes in financial assets, in asset ownership and efficiency of transfer.

CEO and Co-founder of RealtyBits

How Vibrant protects Argentines from devaluation and helps fight inflation

Vibrant makes it possible for Argentines experiencing inflation to purchase and hold USDC quickly, cheaply, and easily.
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Kyle McCollom

Stellar helps people access assets and financial services they wouldn't otherwise have access to.

Director of Product

How COINQVEST's payments solutions empower merchants to globalize their business with Stellar

COINQVEST is an all-in-one enterprise payment platform built on Stellar, offering programmable cross-blockchain settlement for merchants.
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Stefan Schneider

Low fees, the transaction speed, and the ability to interoperate with anchors were the main reasons why Stellar was our top choice. We needed a blockchain that gave us the confidence to be able to scale our digital payments business in the long haul and here we found it.

Co-founder of COINQVEST