Money could move like email.

Stellar is an open platform for building financial products that connect people everywhere.

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Develop the world’s new financial system

Build applications on a distributed ledger. Facilitate low-cost, real-time transactions. Create products to save mobile minutes or distribute solar credits.

curl -X POST Start
1. Use js-stellar-sdk to generate the public/private keys for your Stellar account.
2. Using the address you generated, ask our friendly robot to send you some lumens:
3. View your account using the Horizon API. It should contain 10,000 lumens.
Your test account is all set!
Save your keys to make other API calls on the network.
Test AccountID:

Test Secret Key:

Explore more of the Stellar architecture.



Build Stellar applications

Make money work for everyone

Payments, remittances, loans, microsavings? It’s all possible. Help a family send money. Give a mother a safe place to save.

The financial future is now

If we can all move money quickly and at low cost, 2 billion people can independently improve their lives.

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