Stellar is Open-Source, Distributed Payments Infrastructure.

It connects people, payment systems, and banks. Integrate with Stellar to move money quickly, reliably, and for a fraction of a penny.

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News and Updates

IBM and KlickEx Choose Stellar to Power the Future of Cross-Border Payments

Today we are excited to announce that Stellar is partnering with IBM and KlickEx to develop a blockchain-based cross-border payments solution proven to significantly reduce transaction costs and increase transaction speeds. Read more »

The future of banking is here


Send money across borders quickly, for a fraction of a cent. Facilitate low-cost payments between different currencies.


Increase efficiency and decrease the cost of smaller transfers. Offer incremental payment options to your customers.

Mobile Branches

Get an agency banking advantage with mobile branches. Expand your retail operation, without the overhead costs.

Mobile Money

Make mobile money platforms interoperable. Let your customers send MM to recipients with different providers.

Services for the underbanked

Stellar cuts costs so you can bank new customers. Reach the base of the pyramid with low-cost accounts, loans, and microsavings.

Customizable payments infrastructure

Transactions on the decentralized Stellar network resolve in 2-5 seconds.

Get started on the network quickly with developer-friendly software and tools.

Finance with a mission

With a team of top technology and finance professionals, the nonprofit expands access to low-cost financial services to fight poverty and maximize individual potential.