Stellar Build Challenge Update

The 7th Stellar Build Challenge is officially live! Submissions opened on June 1st. Read the announcement blog post and dive into the full guidelines for more details. We’re excited to see what you create!

Stellar Developer News

We’ve started monitoring long-term uptime for core nodes in the dashboard. Check it out on

Call To Action: Are you an open source developer working on an exciting Stellar project? We recently conducted spring (well, summer) cleaning on our Community Open-Source Project Directory, removing all inactive projects… and now the directory is feeling a bit empty. We’re looking to update the directory so if you are working on a project that you want others to know about, open a PR and we’ll add your project!

Featured Community Projects: 
dotnet-stellar-sdk – Stellar API SDK for .NET Core 2.x and .NET Standard 2.0
csharp-stellar-base – a library to create, encode and decode Stellar Transactions

Reminder! The Stellar StackExchange is in Public Beta – We are currently using StackExchange to help developers find the answers they need when working on projects. Come join the community!

Upcoming Events

  • June 5 – Lisa Nestor, Money2020 Europe

  • June 6 – Lisa Nestor, SatoshiPay, Tempo, Bloqhouse @ Stellar Amsterdam Meetup

  • June 7 – Auckland Cryptocurrency – Stellar (w/ Stronghold)

  • June 16 – Zachary Freundt, BlocBash, San Antonio

  • June 20-21 – Blockchain for Finance Conference, Singapore

  • June 30 – World Finance Forum, Beijing

  • July 9-11 – Jed @ hack.summit 

New Token Projects on the Stellar Network

REM Loyalty is launching a retail loyalty network and interoperable rewards platform on June 26, allowing buying, redeeming and cashing out points on Day 1. REM’s partner ecosystem is expanding across crypto & traditional categories. Earn when you pay rent, buy beer, shop at Whole Foods, etc. Redeem through existing loyalty programs, Uber, or even for cash.

Swych is a global gifting and shopping network using Stellar to offer an instant, cross-border, secure & scalable way to send personalized relevant gifts and incentives globally. Swych is launching Shoken, a universal shopping token, as the underlying cryptocurrency representing a gift on the Swych network, which can be used by the recipient to shop 5B+ product SKUs from 1000s of retailers across the globe. Retailers don’t have to make any change to their Point-of-Sale or IT systems as the transaction is “switched” in real-time using retailer’s own branded currency ( gift cards, vouchers etc.). Shokens can be seamlessly spent across all retail categories independent of the underlying fiat currency or location.

TillBilly is a Stellar based digital payments network with a unique point of sale hardware terminal that empowers everyday shoppers to make contactless payments, automatically get digital receipts (tax invoices) and collect loyalty reward points, without the complexity or price volatility of other similar platforms.

FlipNpik is the first blockchain-based collaborative social media tailored for local businesses. In the FlipNpik ecosystem, the value generated is distributed in an equitable and decentralized manner among all active collaborators : consumers, businesses and ambassadors partners. The primary mission is to contribute to the improvement of the local economy and to promote the circuits of local and responsible consumption.

Cross Hedge is the next generation of fund management. By designing a new intelligent investment system, Cross Hedge allows all cryptocurrency holders to enter into the investment world. Cross Hedge uses Stellar blockchain to democratize the access to asset management empowered by Artificial Intelligence. For more, see video explainer here.

SVPER aims to revolutionize the social networking industry by being an inclusive, economically sustainable, secure and transparent social tool, by incentivizing its users with SVP Tokens and replacing user profiles, pictures and text messages with Instant Video Communication.

SID’s, patent pending technology, will allow smartphone users to Share Internet Data (SID for short) in exchange for Stellar-based SID Tokens. The less fortunate will earn SID Tokens in exchange for consuming Ads and can trade them for crowd-sourced internet.

LocalXpose is a P2P reverse proxy platform based on stellar blockchain that enables you to expose your localhost to the internet.

Pedity is social medium built on Stellar that rewards users for sharing content.

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