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July 2021

Executive Director Message 

Earlier this month, we wrapped up our second quarterly call – which means half of the year has already come and gone! What SDF has accomplished the past quarter speaks for itself, but If you missed the call, you can now view the recording and quarterly report.

In network news, a technical proposal to enable automated market makers (AMMs) in Stellar Protocol 18 was officially deemed ready for implementation. After extensive ecosystem discussion over which proposal – CAP-37 or CAP-38 – would best implement AMMs, a group of protocol designers who evaluate proposed changes to the Stellar network voted to move forward with CAP-38. Introducing AMMs to Stellar has resounding implications for improving its network liquidity, democratizing market making by giving everyone the ability to create liquidity pools and participate in liquidity provision. 

We continue to make progress in fostering sustainable use cases on Stellar. At the beginning of this month, one of Asia’s largest crypto exchanges Liquid enabled Stellar USDC, providing multi-chain support to the world’s leading digital dollar currency. When users access Stellar USDC, they’ll be able to leverage the speed of the Stellar network to move value in seconds, rather than minutes, to maintain better liquidity of their assets.

SDF has also partnered with DFS Labs to launch a Blockchain Bootcamp, designed to give early to mid-stage startups in Africa an opportunity to build on Stellar. The bootcamp consists of a three-day design sprint, and participating companies will be able to define a problem, storyboard a solution, and develop a prototype with hands-on technical support and guidance from DFS Lab and SDF. The deadline is August 21, 2021, and I strongly encourage you to apply if this bootcamp is a good fit for you and your solution.

On the topic of applications, Stellar Community Fund is still accepting submissions for its current round until late August. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to fund your project and receive valuable feedback from the community!

To cap off an amazing month, the Stellar Development Foundation has been officially certified a Great Place to Work. To qualify for this certification, a positive response of 65% or greater from a majority of our employees is required. 82% of our team participated in this survey, and SDF came out with a 96% overall positive response! 

No words can express how proud I am of the team, the culture, the mission – working at SDF means being accepted and included as who you are. If SDF sounds like an organization you’d like to be part of, we’re always happy to connect.


Stellar Ecosystem Updates

Leading Asian Crypto Exchange Liquid Enables Stellar USDC

Stellar-powered USDC takes off with access on one of Asia’s largest licensed exchanges; Liquid provides users with fee-free withdrawals of the newly-enabled asset.

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The Stellar Development Foundation is Certified as a Great Place to Work

We are thrilled to announce that Stellar Development Foundation has been certified as a Great Place to Work for the first time. Great Place to Work is the global authority on workplace culture, employee experience, and leadership behaviors proven to deliver market-leading revenue and increased innovation. 

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Stellar Development Foundation Q2 in Review

Halfway into 2021, the Stellar Development Foundation gained invaluable experiences and learnings that will bolster its three strategic pillars: supporting the robustness and usability of Stellar, helping Stellar be the blockchain people know and trust, and fostering and developing sustainable Stellar use cases for cross-border payments and securitized assets. 

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Expanding Financial Access Through Stellar: A Conversation with Business Reporter 

Denelle Dixon, CEO and Executive Director of the Stellar Development Foundation, sat down with Business Reporter’s Rachel Hicks to discuss how Stellar is creating financial inclusion on a global scale. Below, we highlight three of the top takeaways from the segment.

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Introducing Automated Market Makers on Stellar

If and when validators agree to accept it, Protocol 18 will add automated market maker functionality to Stellar, enabling developers to create AMMs that will coexist alongside the SDEX and provide an alternate source of liquidity.  With an AMM, buyers and sellers trade against a liquidity pool rather than trading against existing orders others have placed on order books.

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Association of Ukrainian Banks Admits SDF as Member

On the heels of convening Ukrainian financial institutions with experts from the blockchain and virtual assets industry, SDF accepted an invitation to join the Association of Ukrainian Banks as a member.

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How to Succeed at the Stellar Community Fund

The first step in entering the SCF is to come up with a killer project. But winning the SCF isn’t just about that. It’s a sales pitch. It’s all about building relationships and storytelling. Here are 10 tips to help you succeed and win awards!

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Project Venus — DeFi on Stellar using Turing Signing Servers

DeFi and TSS can completely transform the Stellar ecosystem. Stellar’s focus on efficiency and supporting traditional finance create excellent synergies that could allow the DeFi ecosystem to truly integrate with traditional finance. 

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46 C-Suite Executives On The Irreversible Rise Of Digital Transformation

In PYMNTS’’ latest ebook, A Decade of Digital Transformation in 12 Months, Stellar Development Foundation CEO Denelle Dixon shares how we're moving closer to borderless commerce with local solutions.

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Enter the Stellar Community Fund

Want to kickstart a Stellar-based project, get feedback from developers and potential users, and win funds to pursue your vision? Apply for the Stellar Community Fund. Submissions are due by August 22. 

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Apply for Research and Development Grants

To spur innovation, SDF offers R&D Grants to support the creation of minimum viable products and proofs of concept that improve liquidity, increase throughput, or otherwise extend Stellar network capabilities.

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Join us for Meridian 2021

Meridian 2021 will serve as a forum where experts in finance, policy, and technology from within and beyond the Stellar ecosystem will share what they’re building and their plans for growth. By connecting on Stellar, these developers and companies are working effectively and collectively to have a global impact, bringing the world closer to true financial inclusion.

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Stellar Developer Updates

Rethinking and Relaunching the Demo Wallet

The demo wallet is an open-source mock wallet application, with an open-source code repository, that lets anyone test out our ecosystem protocols. It replicates the experience of creating or importing a Stellar account, adding assets, and performing transactions with those assets — all with an explanatory log that shows network calls and the payloads sent between them as well as informative tooltips that help teach users about what’s possible on the Stellar network.

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Stellar Community Articles & Interviews

Stephen Deng (DFSLab) on Sam Conner

Justin Rice (SDF) on Sam Conner 


Upcoming Events

Blockchain Bootcamp with DFS Lab - Sept. 28

Meridian 2021 - Nov. 17 & 18

Past Events

Stellar Development Foundation Q2 2021 Review - July 15 

Global CBDC Challenge webinar: Can CBDCs Truly Enable Financial Inclusion? - July 15

Hack Africa by Encode Club - July 15

DACOM DeFi 2021 Panel - July 21

Stellar Ecosystem Panel - Fintech in Africa - July 28

Stellar Open Protocol Discussion - July 29

New Hires

Sandra Persing, Developer Relations Lead

Sandra is responsible for designing and optimizing the developer engagement experience on Stellar. Her prior experience includes leading international sales and marketing teams for McGraw-Hill and HarperCollins and growing the global developer ecosystem for Mozilla. She recently worked on strategy and content for the developer platform team at the Diem Association, building foundational marketing channels for outreach and adoption in a rapidly changing ecosystem.

Matthew Castricone, Director - Ecosystem

Working cross-functionally, Matthew will help SDF partners, anchors and other ecosystem companies to build, grow and scale on the Stellar network. Matt's background is in FX, payments and cross-border mass payments. He spent time in the network at American Express, Transpay - an x-border solution within the Mastercard network, and most recently at Ripple Labs, managing partnerships across the Americas.  Matt enjoys hiking, music, history and poker.

Priscilla Ma, Ecosystem Growth Lead

Priscilla joins the Ecosystem team to build synergies across the Stellar network to accelerate the growth of enterprises and use cases on Stellar. Most recently, she led product and business development at PayQwick, a fintech company that provides banking and payment solutions to the cannabis industry. Previously, she started her career in traditional finance working at HSBC corporate and investment banking in Hong Kong and New York.

Nicholas Bel, Product Manager

Nick will be leading efforts to increase engagement and savings within Vibrant. Prior to joining SDF, he was helping build a more inclusive domestic financial system at Varo, a fintech company in San Francisco. During his time there, he initially worked on fundraising and subsequently moved to the Product org, where he managed the mobile experience and core banking products.

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