Stellar Build Challenge #6

This month, we announced the winners of the 6th Stellar Build Challenge! With over 300 submissions, SBC #6 saw more entries than all previous Build Challenges combined. Details for Stellar Build Challenge 7 will be coming out soon so keep an eye out on our official blog and Twitter page for the announcement.

Below are the winners and the finalists for the challenge. To learn more about the entries, read the announcement blog post.

The Overall Winners

Soneso Stellar iOS SDK

Documentation & Refactor of Stellar’s Python SDK

The Other Finalists


For Developers & Entrepreneurs:

Stellar StackExchange in Public Beta – We are currently using StackExchange to help developers find the answers they need when working on projects. Come join the community!

Stellar Rust SDK – The team behind this sdk just released version 0.1 allowing users to fetch all information from the Horizon API.  Version 0.2 is already underway which will allow users to submit transactions to the stellar network. The repo has a ton of well-scoped issues that range from beginner to hard making it easy for anyone to contribute.

Bifrost V2 with time-locked accounts, better account management, and multiple bug fixes has been released.

Set Up an Exchange Guide – This guide will walk you through the integration steps to add Stellar to your exchange. Recently, a new section has been added that describes the process of adding non-native assets.

SEP-0007: URI Scheme for Delegated Signing – This Stellar Ecosystem Proposal (SEP) introduces a URI Scheme to generate a URI that will serve as a request to sign a transaction. The request represented by the URI will be signed by the user’s trusted wallet where she stores her secret key(s) so users do not have to copy/paste their secret keys into websites and applications.



  • May 7-9 Kigali – Tunde Ladipo
  • May 14 – Jed McCaleb, Consensus
  • June 4 – Lisa Nestor, Money2020 Europe
  • Stellar Meetup in Amsterdam (Early June – TBD)

Where we were!

Dubai Meetup

Featuring Stellar, NEC Payments, LaLa World, and Mobius. With Special Guest, Dr. Marwan.

GMTS Conference

Photos courtesy Faisal Khan

Token Projects on the Stellar Network

April saw many new projects launch, each aiming to utilize Stellar’s network in a unique way.

thirdACT enables asset-backed tokens in portfolios of micro-investments in Small Commercial Real Estate. thirdACT’s current offering is the Climate Token, focused on financing energy efficiency and clean energy technology improvements in the largest segment of US commercial building stock.

InventoryClub is a peer-to-peer inventory financing ecosystem with a bold mission to make it easier for merchants in Commonwealth Nations to get access to finance from both the diaspora and global community in order to start trading online. The marketplace platform is powered by VNT tokens, which are built on top of Stellar.

Heir is creating the next generation estate planning and inheritance solution to ensure digital and traditional real-world assets (e.g. real estate, property, etc.) are protected for next of kin and loved ones.  Powered by the Stellar platform, AI, and deep machine learning, Heir endeavors to become the global standard in estate planning and protection for all.

YOON is an evidence protection system built on Stellar. The YOON-App works like a toolbox for evidence protection, covering a range of use cases like evidence protection for contracts, copyrights, testaments, elections and even online-reviews. YOON is like a “Swiss Army Knife” for evidence protection.

Astral9 is a full stack IP over Satellite network powered by Stellar! From Wi-FI to Analog Radio, Astral9 hopes to deliver high speed voice/video/data/radio around the world based completely on Stellar.

Kava is a social casino gaming platform that has launched a cryptocurrency loyalty program called Kava Coins. The first game, CasinoLife Poker, is now live on iOS, Android, and Facebook.

Universal Health Coin (UhX) is using blockchain technology to reinvent healthcare funding and payment models globally. Recently, UhX chose to build on Stellar after contracting IBM Canada and the Mohawk MEDIC Digital Health Research Centre to provide an evidence-based evaluation of each of the blockchain platforms NEO, Ethereum, and Stellar as potential operating networks.

AssetChain – AssetChain is an ecosystem based on Acudeen’s platform which allows small business owners to liquidate their receivables and other movable assets for mobility and growth through its marketplace. Placing movable assets on Stellar allows Acudeen to open up to other emerging markets, facilitating cross-border invoice purchasing and financing.

RepoCoin is bringing the repossession industry to blockchain through crowdsourcing incentives.

RainCheck is a global loyalty & rewards points exchange aggregate based on the Stellar blockchain. RainCheck unifies global reward points from any organisation so they can be traded, shared and exchanged for good and services from any other organisation by their users.

Rate3 network is a decentralized dual protocol for cross border payment and credit scoring empowered by Stellar for the global e-commerce ecosystem.

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