Stellar Partnership Grant Program

Promoting the development of high-impact projects in the Stellar ecosystem is accepting proposals from leading organizations that are building on the Stellar network to improve the global financial landscape and promote financial inclusion. To incentivize our partners and reward network development, we will award selected partners a significant lumen grant to ensure that they are co-beneficiaries of network growth.

Exceptional organizations who develop and operate products and services that are crucially important to the Stellar Network may receive up to $2,000,000 USD worth of lumens per grant (based on price of lumens at the date of grant). There are two phases to the grant award: the allocation and the award. When an organization is chosen for the program, the grant amount is set aside in lumens in an escrow account. This is the allocation. All grants are subject to the achievement of milestones and multi-year vesting. If and when these milestones and vesting requirements are met, then the allocated amount will be distributed to the organization. This is the award.

To encourage the development of robust activity in the Stellar ecosystem, the Stellar Development Foundation has allocated 25 billion total lumens to this program to incentivize institutions who make an exceptional impact. As stated previously, these lumens will be awarded subject to a lockup period and the achievement of measurable milestones.

We will monitor this program on an ongoing basis and make adjustments as necessary to ensure this program continues to meet the goals set out by our mandate.

Click here for a list of past grant recipients.

Call for Partnerships

While we encourage any type of institutional partner to apply, the primary focus of the program is currently on anchors and exchanges.


Anchors are entities that people trust to hold their deposits and issue credits into the Stellar network for those deposits. These can include banks, money transfer operators (MTOs), and fintech companies, among others. We would love to see anchors that issue tokens representing fiat currencies, commodities, altcoins (in this order of importance), as well as other assets that the broader financial community would find valuable.

Grant size is determined based on the value that the partnership adds to the ecosystem. Grant vesting is subject to the eventual completion of certain milestones and requirements. The vesting schedule may be customized for each organization, but general requirements include the following:

  1. Record customer balances of some asset in the Stellar ledger
  2. Support federation for deposits and withdrawals
  3. Have a proper stellar.toml so other partners can interact with you by domain name instead of long account IDs
  4. Sustain activity for the length of the vesting period


Exchanges are platforms used to buy, sell, or exchange fiat currencies and/or cryptocurrencies. We would like to see more exchanges enable lumen (XLM) trading, accept XLM deposits and honor withdrawals, and support federation for XLM deposits and withdrawals.

Grant vesting is subject to the eventual completion of certain milestones and requirements. The vesting schedule may be customized for each organization, but general requirements include the following:

  1. Trade lumens for fiat or digital currency
  2. Accept lumen deposits and honor withdrawals
  3. Support federation for lumen deposits and withdrawals
  4. Allow fiat deposits/withdrawals via Stellar
  5. Be listed on
  6. Sustain activity for the length of the vesting period

NGOs, Fintech Companies, and Others

We also welcome proposals from NGOs, Fintech companies, organizations proposing projects that do not relate directly to anchors or exchanges, or teams working on the categories listed in the Stellar Build Challenge (SBC). We encourage interested organizations to present new, innovative, “outside the box” ideas or use cases that can significantly enhance access to and/or functionality of the Stellar Network.

Application Process

An institution that meets the aforementioned criteria may apply for a grant via the Partnership Program application.

Applications will be evaluated by the SDF staff. The SDF Expansion Board will oversee the final approval of organizations accepted into the partnership program.

Evaluation Process

Please follow these steps in order to apply:

Step 1: For consideration, fill out this application form.

Step 2: We will select the most promising proposals and schedule a phone or in-person interview.

Step 3: Diligence and establishment of milestones.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Applicants will be notified within 15 days of submission as to whether or not they will be moving on to Step 2 of the process.

As part of each partnership approval, the recipient entity must consent to a grant agreement specifying the terms and conditions for the receipt and use of their lumens. For an organization to claim the full amount of its partnership grant, it must meet the vesting conditions as set by the SDF Expansion Board.

We are excited to partner with you to expand the Stellar Network!

Have questions? Please contact us at [email protected].