Stellar Build Challenge

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The Stellar Build Challenge is an ongoing program to reward
innovation and development in the Stellar ecosystem.

Submit your project by March 15th, 2018!

Submit Your Project


2018 Dates

Stellar Build Challenge will occur approximately every three months – keep checking here for the next submission date!

  • March 15th

Entries must be announced on Galactic Talk by March 1st, 2018.

Judges award lumens per submission as they see fit. Judges aim for announcing winners within two weeks of submissions closing.

If you live in a restricted area — any country on the U.S. sanctions list, as well as the states of Alabama, Connecticut, Hawaii, New York, Vermont and Washington — regulations prevent us from sending you lumens. Unfortunately, therefore, residents of restricted areas are not eligible for an award.

All participants will retain the intellectual property associated with their submission. For a list of the winners of the most recent Stellar Build Challenge, click here, and for more information about past Stellar Build Challenges, click here.


  • Submissions must be live and available somewhere so people can use them.
  • All entries must be announced on Galactic Talk by March 1st at the latest.
  • All relevant questions in the submission form must be filled out.

Submissions for each round must be done at least two weeks prior to judging in order to receive feedback. You must announce your project on Galactic Talk to get feedback from the Stellar Development Foundation and the Stellar community. This will give you time to improve your project prior to final judging.

You can submit your application even if you entered it in a prior build challenges. Judges will be looking to see that improvements have been made. Bonus points will be awarded the more people are using your service. Additionally, it’s always helpful to provide documentation with your submission!

We highly value your participation in the Build Challenge so we highly recommended sharing your project with the community prior to hitting “submit”. Here are some good places to get feedback.


For the 6th Stellar Build Challenge, we are focused on quality. We will be looking for entries that satisfy the three guidelines below. You are free to submit something that does not fall under these guidelines.

A total of 550,000 lumens will be distributed amongst the winners, as determined a panel of judges.

Return Submissions

Don’t let projects die! We love to see how previous entries improve as time progresses. We’re looking for projects that are under continual development and grow as the Stellar community grows.

  • Projects are actively being developed
  • Projects show significant improvement

Contribution to existing projects

New to the build challenge, but and don’t know where to start? We want to award those who help out with previous Stellar-based projects. For a list of existing open source projects, click here.

  • Continued usability improvements and polish to what is there now
  • Working on previous projects to implement new features
  • Contributions to maintained repositories/projects do not qualify for this distinction


We love well designed, responsive, functional projects, and want to let people know we think your hard work looks amazing.

  • Improved functionality, design, and general aesthetics of current projects
  • Making projects responsive and reactive
  • Revamp the user experience



So you want to create the next cryptokitties?

  • Applications utilizing the Stellar network in novel and interesting ways
  • Non-traditional uses of the Stellar network


Porting Stellar to a new language? Build your own library that utilizes the Stellar Network?

  • APIs dedicated to Stellar
  • Libraries, frameworks, and SDKs that use the Stellar network
  • Projects should contain and pass comprehensive testing suites


With the increase in interest in cryptocurrencies, there are a plethora of wallets out there. We’d love to see:

  • Polishing existing wallets
  • Wallets with functionality beyond sending and receiving lumens
  • Improve existing wallet to support multiple accounts and multiple currencies/pathfinding


There’s a lot on how cryptocurrency works! We’re looking to improve the technical-focused content involving Stellar.

  • Tutorials involving projects based on the Stellar Network
  • Comprehensive documentation and examples of APIs provided by the
  • Advanced tutorials on projects


Ledger Explorers, Exchanges, Remittance Applications, ICOs/Tokens/Assets, Forums

Protips and Support

Protip 1: Produce tutorials and docs.
Stellar wants to see more community-driven content throughout the ecosystem. The panel will smile upon new documentation, blog posts, screencasts, and talks about the Stellar network.

Protip 3: Use our free design templates.
Making a mobile app? We’ve made free, open-sourced design templates to enable mobile applications. Download them here.

Protip 2: Ask for help! Get in touch with 2100+ developers in our growing Slack community