Stellar Build Challenge

Move Money Faster, Win Lumens from

The Stellar Build Challenge is an ongoing program to reward
innovation and development in the Stellar ecosystem.

Submit Your Project by January 15, 2017

Join the Challenge

Four times a year, the panel of judges from the Stellar community recognize solid craftsmanship and innovation in the ecosystem:


Cheng Kuan

Johan Stén

Eno Han

Tim Akinbo

Christian Rudder

James Gong

2017 Dates

Submissions for each round will close at midnight PT on the following dates.

  • January 15
  • April 15
  • July 15
  • October 15

Once submissions close, the judges will be allotted a set amount of lumens to award per category as they see fit. Judges aim for announcing winners within two weeks of submissions closing.

If you live in a restricted area—any country on the U.S. sanctions list, as well as the states of NY, CT, or NH—regulations prevent us from sending you lumens. Unfortunately, therefore, residents of restricted areas are not eligible for an award.

All participants will retain the intellectual property associated with their submission.


250,000 lumens each

To welcome developers to the Stellar ecosystem, we’ll recognize each first-time submission from a unique GitHub account.

To qualify as a first-time submission, entries must meet the following criteria:

  • Represent original work from the developer, open-sourced on GitHub
  • Have a functional demo

Participants may only receive the first-time submission award once (hence the name).

33.75M lumens

To qualify as an exchange, organizations that enter the challenge must meet the following criteria:

  • Trade lumens for fiat or digital currency
  • Accept lumen deposits and honor withdrawals
  • Deposit lumens via federation
  • Support federation for withdrawals
  • Allow fiat deposits/withdrawals via Stellar
  • Be listed on
  • Comply with local regulations

TUTORIALS: 3M lumens

APPLICATIONS: 17.5M lumens

WALLETS: 12.5M lumens



70M lumens

Anchors are banks, licensed money-service providers, or mobile money operators that accept deposits, issue credit, and honor withdrawals on the Stellar network.

To qualify as an Anchor, organizations that enter the challenge must meet the following criteria:

  • Record customer balances of some asset in the Stellar ledger
  • Support federation for deposits and withdrawals
  • Have a proper stellar.toml so others can add your anchor by domain name
  • Comply with local regulations

Protips and Support

Protip 1: Produce tutorials and docs.
Stellar wants to see more community-driven content throughout the ecosystem. The panel will smile upon new documentation, blog posts, screencasts, and talks about the Stellar network.

Protip 3: Use our free design templates.
Making a mobile app? We’ve made free, open-sourced design templates to enable mobile applications. Download them here.

Protip 2: Get lumens via our sponsorship program.
If you’re a FinTech company, an NGO or involved with technology education, you’re probably eligible to receive a free batch of lumens.

Protip 4: For ideas, consult this list of ideas for applications and the previous winners. Some of these projects have open-sourced code for you to use.

Protip 5: Ask for help Get in touch with 1800+ developers in our Slack community.

How to Submit

You’ll be asked for a link to your project, a description, screenshots, and your Stellar Account ID so have those pieces of info ready.

Submissions will be open until the ticker at the top of the page closes out at zero.