Building on Stellar

Welcome to the Stellar Galaxy. This is where you can find information that will help answer questions you may have about the Galaxy.

Stellar’s software architecture


Horizon API server

The Horizon API server provides a RESTful API to submit transactions to stellar-core and interact with the network. It speaks directly to stellar-core’s ledger database, and forwards transactions directly to stellar-core’s HTTP interface. Stellar official client software uses this API.

More information and code here:

We provide this running Horizon instance that is connected to the test net:

Complete Horizon API docs are on Apiary here:

Using Vagrant

We are creating a couple Vagrant files to make getting started building on Stellar easy.

Connecting your stellar-core to the testnet

stellar-core is the backbone of the Stellar network. It maintains a local copy of the ledger, communicating and staying in sync with other instances of stellar-core on the network. Optionally, stellar-core can store historical records of the ledger and participate in consensus.

stellar-core is an implementation of the Stellar protocol written in C++.

If you want to connect your instance of stellar-core to the testnet you need to set up the following in your stellar-core.cfg. See an example stellar-core.cfg that connects to the testnet.

Get involved

Join the developer community on our public slack channel Ask questions, help out, tell us about the validator you are running.

Other software resources

Javascript Client Library

The JS Client Library is a library interface for interacting with stellar-core.

Ruby Client Library

The Ruby Client Library is library interface for interacting with stellar-core.