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Guide to Protocol 14 Prep

The Stellar Protocol 14 rollout is officially underway! Stellar Core v14.1.1 is out, Horizon v1.9.1 is out, and almost all the Stellar SDKs currently offer Protocol 14 support.    

If you develop on Stellar, you need to make sure to prepare for the 10/28 public network upgrade, and the goal of this guide is to help you do that.  We will update it with new information as it becomes available, and with links to relevant releases as soon as they come out.

This time, the upgrade doesn't require any time-consuming database migrations, so the process should be fairly painless.  To keep things safe, sane, and humming along — and to take advantage of new features — all you have to do is install up-to-date versions of your Stellar-related software, which should just take a few minutes.  Stellar Core, Horizon, and all the Stellar SDKs are backwards compatible, so you can (and should) install them well in advance of the network upgrade.

Protocol 14 has some new features that we're documenting in detail, and you can read all about them in the Protocol 14 Improvements post, but for now, here are the key dates and action items to keep in mind:  

Key Dates:

  • 09/30/2020: Testnet upgraded
  • 10/28/2020: Public network vote to upgrade

If you run Stellar Core

Install Stellar Core v14.1.1, and check back for new versions between now and the pubnet upgrade.  If your node is running a pre-14.0.0 version of Stellar Core when the network upgrades, it will throw an error and lose sync.

We're planning to schedule a validator vote on 10/28/2020 to upgrade the network, and we will share the exact command you can use to arm your node closer to that date. To stay in the loop as we coordinate that vote, join the Keybase stellar.public #validators channel.

If you run Horizon:

Download Horizon v1.9.1, which has full support for all the new Protocol 14 features, as soon as possible. If you don't upgrade, Horizon will fail at state ingestion or verification the first time it encounters a new Protocol 14 operation.

If you want to start exploring the new objects and endpoints, check out the Protocol 14 Improvements post, which has links to all the relevant documentation.

If you use a Stellar SDK:

Download the new version as soon as possible.  Almost all the SDKs offer Protocol 14 support at this point, and as soon as new releases come out, we'll link to them here:

If you want to track the progress of the various SDKs, you can follow this Github issue.  

If you have a custom Stellar integration:

If you're using Stellar, but you're not using a Stellar SDK, you will likely need to manually update your code.  You may want to check out the JS SDK issue that lays out all the changes required to adapt to Protocol 14.  

Also, please contact me and let me know everything you can about your custom integration.  I'd love to find out more so we do a better job of informing, assisting, and accommodating people like you: [email protected]

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