One of the most unique aspects of the SCF is that the community decides which projects deserve lumen awards. Which projects speak to you most? Who has done the best job creating their proposal? Presenting it in a compelling way? Listening to feedback? The nomination and voting rounds are your chance to weigh in and use your voice to help shape the future of Stellar — and the future of finance!


left till the final vote!

Voting will take place in two rounds. A nomination round and award round.

How does it work?

Voting takes place on
Before voting, please take some time to read through the proposals carefully. Proposal authors have put a lot of work into their projects, so do them a favor and spend some time reading what they’ve put out there!

Prerequisites: You will need a Keybase account to vote.

To vote:

  • Click the "Sign in to vote" button on the top right of
  • Enter your Keybase username
  • Click "Sign in with Keybase"
  • You will receive a message from SCFBot. Click the confirmation link to complete the sign-in process. (You can verify that it’s the real SCF bot by checking the DNS proof)
  • Once you’re logged in, you can start to select your nominee picks. You must vote for 3, but can vote for up-to 8 proposals. (Remember to read through proposals!)
  • Once you’ve chosen your nominees, click the submit button. Once you’ve cast your vote, there’s no going back! (Your picks will stick around in memory, so you can mark them and come back later before a final submission.)

Important bits:

Only one voting account per person is allowed. We’ll be checking to make sure no one is manipulating the vote. Play fair and everything will be great! Bad actors will be removed from participating in the vote and future rounds.

That’s all there is to it! Start digging into those proposals!