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Saldo allows migrant workers to support family members back home by making it easy to pay bills across borders.

A simple interface lets a sender in the U.S. top up a recipient’s account with a utility provider in Mexico. Because the Stellar network handles the currency conversion and transfer, small recurring cross-currency payments are fast, cheap, and compliant with local regulations.

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Cross-border payments


U.S. / Mexico

“Stellar is the network that’s very optimized for payments. We don’t need complex smart contracts, but we need efficiency, and we need partners. We see Stellar attracting a lot of like-minded companies believing in an open finance infrastructure.”

Marco Neri

Founder + CEO · Saldo


Transferring money across borders, especially in small amounts, is difficult, slow, and most of all, expensive. Migrant workers who need to cover family utility bills back home either confront that cost and complexity every month, or resort to cumbersome and inefficient workarounds.


Saldo lets workers in the U.S. transfer funds directly to a recipient’s utility account in Mexico. It’s a compliant way to offer real-time settlement for cross-currency transactions without the hoops and fees required by current remittance providers.


Using Saldo’s interface, a sender selects a recipient’s utility provider and account, chooses the amount they want to pay, and hits send. Because Saldo issues a Mexican-peso-backed token and settles on the Stellar network, senders can initiate a payment in USD, and automatically convert the payment to MXN in a single transaction. That transaction is immediate, transparent, and irreversible.

Why Stellar?

Easy asset issuance

To settle payments, Saldo needed a digital peso. Stellar makes it easy to issue an asset and connect it to existing financial infrastructure.

Automatic currency conversion

If you have dollars in hand but need to pay bills denominated in pesos, the cost and hassle of currency conversion is a big obstacle. Stellar allows simultaneous transfer and conversion of currency.


With current remittance platforms, it’s hard to know in advance how much the recipient will actually receive. With Stellar, you can specify that amount, see the transaction happen in real-time, and know immediately that the payment succeeded.

Low Fees

Sending small amounts of money on a monthly basis doesn’t make sense if every transaction incurs a fee. Stellar network fees are near zero.


Monthly payments are a burden if settlement times are slow or worse, unpredictable. Stellar transactions take seconds.