Stellar Report: Welcome Tammy, Stellar-payments, and StellarVerse


  • Tammy Camp has joined Stellar to help us with growth. Tammy is the founder and CEO of Action Factory, and she is serial entrepreneur with 13 years of experience in digital advertising and commerce.


  • Just released on December 5th, you can now delete and merge accounts in the client.Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 12.47.06 PM
  • On Tuesday, December 2nd, the Stellar network experienced a ledger fork—you can read about it here. Efforts are underway to create a new consensus system to address these issues.
  • On Tuesday, November 25th, we open-sourced a node js library called stellar-payments. We are using stellar-payments internally for our Facebook reward payouts. This new implementation increases the reliability of the giveaway by adding tolerance against network and transaction failures.
  • We fixed a bug that affected wallets with usernames containing capital letters. If you were having trouble logging into your account and your username has uppercase letters, please try logging in now.


  • If you’re interested in discussing the more technical aspects of Stellar with other developers, please join the brand new StellarVerse forum. Stellarverse is run and operated by community member mmathias.
  • Through talking with people using Stellar all over the world, we have learned that a large portion of Stellar users are quite active on Facebook. We have been thinking about how to create a space for everyone where they are most at home. We will be trying out a new group on Facebook for Stellar to see if it can be a good place for community members who are already talking about Stellar on Facebook. Please note that this is a work in progress. We’ll be opening the group to a limited audience, as we’re still seeing how Facebook Groups can best work for the community, before opening it to a wider audience.
  • Future of Money panel: our own Joyce & Jed, and Stripe’s CTO Greg spoke about the story behind Stellar, and their vision for its future.
  • Part one of our “A Stellar Journey” series is now live. First up: What Happens When You Try to Sign Up the World. Also available in Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Japanese.

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  • Stellar Charts: view network statistics, trade volume, top markets, and exchange rates.
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