Stellar Report: Multi-sig on Test Net, United Nations, & Vanessa at Indy Hall


  • Scott announced on Stellar’s public Slack chat that we can “now roundtrip our most complicated XDR structure (TransactionEnvelepe) through Go.” He’ll be adding some basic usage docs as well.
  • Community member @dzham completed his first multi-sig token payment on the test net! He also wrote a great piece on what multi-signature means, and why it matters.
    Stellar's Slack chat celebrates Dzham's first multi-sig transaction.
    Slack celebration of @dzham’s first multi-sig transaction.


  • Cofounder Joyce Kim spoke at the United Nations last week. The UN and World Bank hosted a conference on Harnessing Migration, Remittances and Diaspora Contributions for Financing Sustainable Development. Watch Joyce’s talk on how Stellar can help reduce remittance fees and transfer times so people can independently improve their lives.
  • Joyce also appeared on Tech Tent, a BBC World Service podcast, to discuss how Stellar could reinvent the way money works.

  • Our own Vanessa presented on How an Educator Came to <3 Crypto at Indy Hall.
  • Join us for a Stellar happy hour in San Francisco. Come to Slate bar on Tuesday, June 16th for drinks and to meet others in fintech and financial inclusion.
    Stellar Happy Hour
  • We added an important new member to the team: Benadog Cumberpooch.

Coming Soon

  • A developer preview of our new open web application system is on its way.
    IMS Stellar abstraction

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Chinese: 恒星报告:多重签名,联合国,Vanessa的讲演

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