Stellar Report: Meetup, Auction and Kenya Financial Diaries


  • Many thanks to @nybbs2003 on GitHub for contributing to stellar-payments! We truly appreciate community contributions to the code.
  • Attend the next Stellar developer meetup in San Francisco on April 9. Learn more about our infrastructure and chat with others interested in Stellar development.


  • The first public Stellar auction will begin March 16 on our distributed exchange via Haste. Per our mandate, the auction is intended to fund operations of SDF.
  • Stellar’s cofounders will speak at South by Southwest this weekend. Keep your eye on the “Fostering Digital Literacy in the Developing World” and “Bitcoin 2.0” panels.
  • We published a look at 5 Surprising Facts from the Kenya Financial Diaries Project. The project’s findings on financial habits of low-income Kenyans demonstrate that “we can’t make any assumptions about the financial inclusion tools needed by low-income communities.”
  • wrote about solving the “unexpected tragedy of the financial system.” Highlighting Oradian’s use of Stellar to connect microfinance organizations, the piece explains how a “digital infrastructure that can tie […] solutions together” helps keep financial solutions local.
  • Executive director Joyce Kim spoke at Innovate Finance on “Solutions to Reaching the Unbanked.”

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