Monthly Roundup – May


May was an exciting month. was launched and we awarded 30 million lumens to participants of the last build challenge. If you’ve been following us on Twitter, you’ve seen that our team has been traveling around the world meeting with new partners and collaborators who will be working with us to help the Stellar network grow. Thanks for being part of this journey with us.

Top Stories

Introducing has launched out of stealth. The company is founded by Jed McCaleb, co-founder and CTO, and Brit Yonge, previously with Palantir Technologies. Lightyear will focus on a wide range of activities, including support of global partner integrations, as well as marketing and distributing the Stellar network.

Stellar joins WanCloud, China’s Wanxiang’s new blockchain product
WanCloud provides an ecosystem for open-source blockchain protocols to be localized and made easily accessible to the Chinese development community and enterprise users. Initial blockchain protocols included in the ecosystem and supported by WanCloud’s infrastructure of developers and consultants are BlockApps, Factom and Stellar. WanCloud is committed to add more Stellar nodes in China, provide free sandbox environment and support applications built on top of the Stellar protocol.

30 million lumens awarded for the third Stellar Build Challenge
For the third Stellar Build Challenge, we have awarded 16 participants with a total of 30.5 million lumens. Check out our blog post to see the full list of winners.


Cellulant – Banking the Unbanked Across Africa
Cellulant, a payments and digital commerce service company based in Africa, is working with Stellar to bank the unbanked across Africa.

Bloom Solutions: Providing unbanked Filipinos a better way to send and receive money
Bloom Solutions second project, which uses Stellar, is called BloomNet. BloomNet will create a domestic settlement network for remittance centers in the Philippines, making it easier for Filipinos to remit their money.

Developer News

The 4th Stellar Build Challenge is here!
The next SBC has arrived and we have added new categories and a more interactive format that will allow you to receive feedback and recommendations from and our community before you upload your final submission. Head here to see all the updates.

Events and Meetups

June 7th and 8th – Gaborone, Botswana
Meet Tunde Ladipo, Head of Partnerships, at the Satoshi Centre in Gaborone, Botswana on June 7th and 8th, where he will be talking with attendees and speaking about the Stellar protocol and use cases.

June 13th – New York, NY
Brit Yonge, Co-Founder of, will be doing a talk about “Global Transactions in the Age of Trump and Brexit” at the Blockchains + Digital Currencies conference in New York on June 13th.
Click here for event details and event registration.

June 14th – San Francisco, CA
Brit Yonge will head back to SF and will be speaking at the IMTC USA conference on June 14th. The two-day event focuses on cross-border payments technology and innovations.
Click here for event details and event registration.

June 22nd – Nairobi
Tunde Ladipo will continue his Africa tour and head over to Nairobi to speak at Bithub about the Stellar protocol and use cases and to talk with attendees!

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