Stellar at Sibos

Joyce Kim, Stellar cofounder and executive director, is speaking at this year’s Sibos conference. Sibos is hosted by SWIFT, the protocol that more than 10,800 financial services rely on to move money across borders. Over 7,000 of the world’s most influential financial service providers gather to debate and collaborate on core and innovative areas of the financial industry.

Joyce is presenting on two panels at Sibos. The first, New Kids on the Block(chain), explored technologies, like the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP), inspired by Bitcoin and the blockchain. Attendees learned how these new distributed systems can enable use cases such as smart contracts. Speaking alongside Joyce were industry leaders, including Mark Buitenhek (NG), Oliver Busman (UBS), Adam Ludwin (, and Simon Taylor (Barclays).

The second panel will center on financial inclusion—how exciting fintech innovations can reach the 2.5 billion who are still unbanked. The Gates Foundation’s Kosta Peric, Digital Finance Institute’s Christine Duhaime, Standard Chartered’s Anju Patwardhan, and Catalytic Innovators Group’s Akhtar Badshah will join Joyce in this crucial conversation.

If you’ll be at Sibos or know someone who will, please email us at [email protected] to arrange a chat with Joyce. We’d love to connect.

We’re excited that Joyce and other industry forerunners can share their expert perspectives on new financial technologies—and, perhaps more importantly, discuss how these technologies can help people independently improve their lives.

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