Financial Inclusion + Tech Leaders: Shivani Siroya and Greg Brockman Join Stellar’s Board

Today we are excited to welcome two new board members to the family: Shivani Siroya, founder and CEO of InVenture, and Greg Brockman, the former CTO of Stripe.

With backgrounds in unserved economies and payments software, Shivani and Greg bring perspectives crucial to building open and inclusive financial services. Together, they represent’s consistent focus on two issues dear to our mission: financial inclusion and technology.

Shivani Siroya and Greg Brockman, Stellar's newest board members
Shivani Siroya and Greg Brockman, Stellar’s newest board members

Shivani has previous experience in global health, microfinance, and investment banking with the United Nations Population Fund, CitiGroup/HealthNet, and others. She founded InVenture to help close the credit gap in emerging markets by building alternative credit scores for borrowers without formal financial history. InVenture’s Android application in Kenya and Tanzania collects data that already exists on customers’ mobile devices—including social media accounts, web searches, and financial transactions—to create a holistic picture of each potential borrower and assess his or her risk. Inventure then issues the loan, collects repayments, and provides data-driven customer service—all through the same mobile app.

I was a fan of Shivani’s work long before I met her in person. When my role at gave us the opportunity to sit down for longer conversations, I knew her insights would be invaluable. Shivani brings expertise with financial inclusion technology and data science. She has a strong understanding of the local challenges facing communities in the developing world when they try to access credit. In the wide world of fintech, Shivani is completely focused on her mission to provide access to people otherwise left out.

Greg has been with Stellar from the beginning. Says CTO Jed McCaleb, “He’s consistently been a thoughtful sounding board for both technical and philosophical decisions facing Stellar as we’ve evolved over this first year. We’re glad to have him involved even more.”

One thing I’ve always appreciated about Greg is that he pushes us to examine issues from different angles. With extensive experience in large-scale payment systems, he brings a new perspective to Stellar. We tackle problems from different angles, but we both approach our work with open minds and, over time, have shaped each other’s perspectives on the financial inclusion landscape. I appreciate Greg’s pragmatism, and his feedback has already influenced the organization in profound ways.

As a nonprofit,’s mission is full economic participation for all human beings. By connecting isolated financial systems, Stellar aims to include the world’s two billion unbanked people. Shivani and Greg bring additional diversity of experience to our board—they will help us make decisions that impact how traditionally underserved communities access financial services around the world.

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