Announcing the 7th Stellar Build Challenge

Jed said in the first build challenge announcement:

“The build challenge is simple by design: it’s an experiment to find ways to develop services that are fair, affordable, and community-driven, and at the same time drive uptake of the Stellar network to maximize efficiency and reach.”

There have been six challenges since then, and many of the winning projects have become cornerstones of the Stellar ecosystem. The SBC is now a essential part of Stellar’s developer community, and here for this seventh edition, we’re going to return to its roots, by focusing especially on the “community-driven” part of Jed’s initial vision.

SBC #7 Goals

This SBC has two routes to an award, each of which embodies the ideal of collaboration in a different way:

1) make open-source contributions to ongoing projects:

We will reward new contributions to meaningful Stellar-related open-source projects. We’re looking for developers who:

  •  contribute new features and enhancements
  •  work on ‘help wanted’ issues
  •  expand project functionality
  •  improve the user experience
  •  even create or improve the documentation

In short, we want people to make a difference in an existing open-source project

Below is a list of suggested open-source projects to contribute towards.

2) develop one of these four new ‘cornerstone’ project ideas:

This is your chance to “collaborate” directly with SDF. We’ve written up the following four specs; this is what we most want to see built for Stellar. Take one of the specs and make something awesome.

Additional incentive to collaborate:

In case it’s not already clear, we want to make sure all participants feel like they are part of the Stellar community. Instead of coding inside of a black hole until the winners are announced, it’s important to discuss projects with each other. There are many people in the community that consistently provide solid direction to projects but don’t have the time to develop their own.

We’ve noticed and will be rewarding users that give great feedback on GalacticTalk and GitHub, this round.

Going forward, Previous SBC Winners Will Be Supported Outside SBC

If you’ve won in past build challenges, congratulations! Thank you for being a part of getting Stellar to where it is today. You helped pave the way — allowing new developers to be inspired by the work you’ve done.

We’ve always encouraged winners to continue improving their projects. That will never change. However, we’ve realized the Stellar Build Challenge isn’t the best framework for ongoing support. If your project is a previous winner or you are a member of the partnership program, do not submit to the SBC. We will reach out to you directly with further details on how SDF plans to support your ongoing success.

With this change, we hope to accomplish several things:

  • to recognize and financially support established high-quality work in a targeted and tailored way
  • to give a clear, goal-oriented, and customized set of guidelines to past winning projects
  • to create more space for truly new projects in the Build Challenge
  • to create more opportunities for new use cases to be explored and worked into Stellar’s network

Previous winners should review the support program guidelines as they arrive, and existing partners should discuss with their contacts whether the SBC is the right place to submit their project/platforms. For example, a complete rewrite of functionality, utilizing new libraries, for a refined use-case could be considered a ‘new’ project, regardless of whether it keeps the name of the old one. On the other hand, changing the name, but just doing a few UI tweaks would not be a ‘new’ project.

Submissions, Judging, and Awards

Participants can submit their projects for consideration, starting June 1st.  You should announce your project on and submit your project through the typeformForm submissions will open on June 1st and end on August 15th at 10:00PM PST. You can start posting announcements on GalacticTalk today. Winners will be announced by August 30th.

Judges will consist of members of the Stellar Development Foundation team with final determinations by Jed McCaleb.

Projects will be awarded based on their merit. We imagine there will be a comparable pool to previous build challenges, but we don’t want to discourage submissions and effort. High quality projects will receive higher awards. If they’re better than average, they will receive more. If they are low-quality, low-effort – they will receive less. While we won’t automatically discount new projects, we highly recommend that submissions are related to the two categories shared above.

Be sure to spend some time reading over the guidelines and fine print before you submit.

Future Opportunities

There are some obvious changes to the format of Stellar Build Challenge 7. We want to keep-in-touch with our developers and offer more ways for the community to engage with each other. Hackathons, live streams, and hosted events should begin to appear more regularly. Our team is also working on a new developer-focused communication channel to highlight exciting indie projects being built on the Stellar network. Details will be announced via our Twitter and monthly newsletter in the near future.

We can’t wait to see what you bring to the table and look forward to watching the community come together to build something awesome.

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