Three Ways to Increase Security of Your Stellar Account

Like cash, digital currency transactions are fundamentally irreversible, which is why securing your account is so important. If someone compromises your account, there is no way to recover lost funds.

Safety first! Take these three steps to increase the security of your account now.

1. Save your secret key

Make sure you can always access your account by saving your secret key. Your Stellar wallet is encrypted with a combination of your wallet address and secret key. With your secret key, you can access your account via the API even if you’re ever locked out of the Stellar client.

How to find and save your secret key

1. Go to to your “settings”
2. Click “reveal” under your secret key
3. Store this secret key safely. You can print it, or even write it down on a piece of paper. Do not save it on your computer or send it in an email. If someone gets access to your secret key, your wallet will no longer be secure.

Note: your secret key is different from your recovery code.

2. Choose a strong password

Use a strong password to prevent your account being compromised.

IMPORTANT: Do not use your Stellar password for any other accounts.

You can use “password vaults” (like LastPass [free] or 1Password) to keep track of all your passwords. They can even auto-generate random, extra-secure passwords for your accounts.

Or, you can create your own memorable password by stringing together words you know, but be sure to mix in upper & lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers. For example, the phrase “Coffee makes me happy!” can be turned into a password like this: “(0fFe3#maKe$meHap>y!”

Aim for a password that is at least 12 characters long. Do not simply use a word from the dictionary, like “elephant.” Never use public information about you, like your name, birthday, or anniversary.

Examples of Passwords:

  • Bad passwords (don’t use these!): “password,” “12345678,” “qwerty,” or “unicorn.”
  • Weak passwords: “serendipity1984” or “sunsetm3lody”
  • Strong passwords***: “{[email protected]>y!” “yAs5woN8E5oG5B” or “patruMuwREChust7”

Do not use these exact passwords; they’re just general examples of how a good password might look.

3. Use 2-Factor Authentication

Enabling two-factor authentication helps keep your account secure with an extra layer of verification.

1. In your settings, toggle 2-factor authentication to “on”
2. Use Authy or the Google Authenticator app (both free) on your phone to snap a picture of the barcode, or enter the code below it manually.
3. The app will then generate a token that you will need to enter on the settings page, along with your password
4. If you’re successful in enabling 2fa, the switch will turn to “on”

Follow all three of these steps to increase the security of your own account.

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