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Stellar Newsletter: Soroban, Q2 Review, Meridian Registration

Executive Director Message

Happy August! I spent last week in DC with morning runs on the Mall around the Lincoln Memorial - and more importantly in great conversations with policymakers and regulators. While my trip reminded me of how much work there’s still left to do, SDF has accomplished a LOT so far this year. Here’s a recap of what we’ve been up to the past month:

  • Registration for Meridian 2022 is now open! Don’t miss out on our exciting program and speakers.
  • Drumroll please… unveiling the name of the smart contracts platform SDF has been building, Soroban! Test it out, read the docs, let us know what you think.
  • USDC on Stellar is now available on Ledger Live. This is a huge step in activating more network participation, combining Ledger’s reach with the power and inclusivity of the Stellar network and one of the world’s fastest-growing digital dollar currencies.
  • The Stellar Community Fund concluded its 10th round, with a record-breaking 152 applications. Check out the winning projects! Submissions for SCF#11 will open up this week, so stay tuned! 
  • We’ve updated our “How to Protect Yourself from Scams” guide. Just a reminder that if something sounds too good to be true, it almost always is. 
  • SDF, eCurrency, and ANZ were shortlisted in the G20 TechSprint hosted by BIS and Bank of Indonesia. This progress we’ve been making regarding CBDCs has been promising, and we intend to showcase the power and innovation of Stellar in this domain.
  • The thought leadership train continues: 
  • I came out with new ‘block by block’ episodes starring Laura Shin (Unchained podcast), Chad Cascarilla (Paxos), and Avichal Garg (Electric Capital). 
  • Justin Rice, VP of Ecosystem, published his second issue of the Soft Fork Bulletin, voicing his thoughts on NFTs as a former touring musician.
  • Tomer Weller, VP of Tech Strategy, talks tech with SDF’s Jake Urban about the MoneyGram Access integration.

It’s heating up this summer, so remember to stay cool! 


Project Jump Cannon: Soroban Preview Release

Over the past few months, a team of SDF engineers have been hard at work on a new smart contracts platform, and we're excited to share a preview. With it, developers may start to experiment with what we've built.

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Register for Meridian 2022: The Urgency of Doing

Inspired by da Vinci’s call to action, and in the spirit of our host country of Italy for Meridian 2022, the theme for Stellar’s 4th annual conference is The Urgency of Doing. The issues of the world are only growing larger, and we must rise to the challenge by offering our own solutions – and then acting upon them.

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Stellar Development Foundation Q2 2022 in Review

It’s halfway through the year, and the Stellar Development Foundation is making steady progress on its 2022 roadmap, delivering on the three building blocks: increase scalability and network innovation, activate more network participation, and demand and promote inclusion. 

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How To Protect Yourself From Scammers

Scams are an unfortunate outgrowth of any industry involving money, including crypto. The Stellar Development Foundation team doesn’t want anyone in the Stellar community targeted or hurt by scams. 

This resource is intended to: provide an overview of basic ways to protect yourself from scammers; make you aware of some common scam types; and answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

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Ledger Live Integrates USDC on Stellar

SDF and Ledger are excited to announce that USDC on Stellar is now live on Ledger Live. Ledger Live is an open-source Web3 app that connects directly to the Ledger hardware wallet. It offers a user experience where customers may perform a wide array of actions related to their assets, such as viewing their portfolio, sending, receiving, buying, selling, and swapping their assets.

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Announcing the Winners of SCF#10

After two weeks of deliberation, a panel of 52 judges drawn from both the Stellar Development Foundation and the greater Stellar community and ecosystem voted to award 15 projects their requested budgets, and to give away a grand total of over 10.5M XLM.

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The Marketing Grants Program’s First Million

Early this January, we announced the re-launch of SDF’s Marketing Grants Program to support the growth and user acquisition of projects built on Stellar. We’re excited to share that, since  then, the program has distributed more than 1 million dollars to support the marketing efforts of Stellar ecosystem companies! 

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Offsetting Your Carbon Footprint with Blockchain Technology

Blockchain innovation continues to forge ahead, with use cases expanding to support social missions and environmental sustainability.

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The Responsible Financial Innovation Act: A Step Towards Clear Rules of the Road

In the last six months alone, we have seen a significant increase in crypto policy activity throughout government, including executive orders at both the federal and state levels. We look forward to working with all of these policymakers to help craft a path forward.

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Nium and Stellar Development Foundation Partner to Enable Payouts in 190 Countries

Companies building on Stellar can now leverage Nium’s global platform for near-instant payouts without pre-funding requirements

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WhiteBIT Integrates USDC on Stellar

WhiteBIT, one of the largest digital asset exchanges in Europe, announced their platform’s integration of USDC on Stellar. With this launch, WhiteBIT joins a growing list of exchanges enabling the deposit and withdrawal of USDC on Stellar for users in Europe. 

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Stellar Development Foundation, eCurrency, and ANZ shortlisted in G20 TechSprint hosted by BIS and Bank of Indonesia

eCurrency Mint, a leading solution provider that enables central banks to securely and efficiently issue digital fiat currency, The Stellar Development Foundation and ANZ, one of Australia’s largest financial institutions, announce their solution has been shortlisted in the third G20 TechSprint 2022, hosted by the Bank of International Settlements and Bank of Indonesia. 

The collaboration creates an integrated solution that facilitates and ensures that the public and businesses can transact efficiently and effectively in trusted CBDC through an intermediated ecosystem, which is inclusive and smart for use in both online as well as offline situations. 

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Novatti to Launch AUD Stablecoin Leveraging Stellar Blockchain

Novatti Group Limited, a leading fintech enabling businesses to pay and be paid, announced this week that it will launch an Australian Dollar (AUD) backed stablecoin leveraging the open source Stellar blockchain.

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Launch Your Own Branded Fintech App on Stellar, Rehive, and Wyre

Rehive and Wyre have teamed up to make it easy for fintechs, PSPs, marketplaces, and platforms to launch their own branded wallet and fintech apps. Wyre solves all the heavy lifting around compliance, on-off-ramps, money services licenses, and custody of user funds. Rehive slots on top of Wyre with customizable iOS, Android, and web applications.

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Will Crypto Winter Go the Way of the Dotcom Bust? The CEO of SDF Explains

Denelle Dixon of Stellar Development Foundation says understanding the similarities and the differences of the dotcom bust is critical to making sure that we emerge from crypto winter even stronger.

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The Approach for Adding USDC to the Stellar Network

When talking about issuing a digital asset on a blockchain, each network comes with its own features and can be considered unique in a way. These aspects must be taken into account when architecting the representation of an asset in any new network, which can quickly become a challenge when issuing the same asset in multiple different networks.

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Block by Block: Engineers have to run the show when it comes to Web3, ft. Avichal Garg of Electric Capital

Avichal Garg, Managing Partner at Electric Capital, knows that investing in Web3—from finding builders, to giving them money, to supporting them—requires a new, different approach. Avichal sits down with Denelle to discuss reorienting human organizations to take advantage of this new infrastructure, being thoughtful about partnership and giving Web3 founders advice, and even shares a bit of history about the origins of corporations which brings us to the present day and DAOs.

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The Soft Fork Bulletin Issue #2

Are NFTs bad for music fans? Are they as revolutionary as, say, Tascam 4-tracks?  Answers to those questions and more

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Tech Talks with Tomer: Jake Urban on SDF’s MoneyGram Integration

In this episode, Tomer chats with a strong Product Engineer from Stellar Development Foundation in Jake Urban. Jake has developed a Python-based framework for building interoperable anchors (Polaris), extended and authored various Stellar Ecosystem Proposals (SEPs), and collaborated with many of the SDF’s partner organizations. His focus has and continues to be making it as easy as possible for businesses to build and integrate their products with Stellar.

Open Protocol Discussion (06/09/22)

Open Protocol Discussion (06/23/22)

Project Jump Cannon Q&A

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