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October 2020

Executive Director Message 

Being the blockchain people know and trust is a top priority for us at SDF. One of the ways we do that is by helping educate policymakers about blockchain technology, building confidence in this technology and particularly in Stellar.  A couple weeks ago, I had an exciting opportunity to do this important work on Capitol Hill.

I joined a panel of experts to brief members of the House Financial Services Committee FinTech Task Force about blockchain technology and its role in transforming financial services. I used my time in front of the Committee to share the meaningful ways Stellar is used around the world, especially to support remittances, and to emphasize the importance of regulatory clarity to drive innovation. I was encouraged by the reception around how corridors, like the one we have open between Nigeria and Europe, play a role in financial inclusion and banking the unbanked. It was a great step forward for us to have open, informative discussions with Members of Congress. You can read my takeaways from the event and see my remarks here. I look forward to many more of these discussions in the future!


Stellar Ecosystem Updates

Fiat On/Off Ramps and Cross-Border Payments on Stellar

Stellar makes it easy for regulated financial institutions to set up anchor services, which are fiat on/off ramps for the network. This guide explains which standards to implement to take advantage of this global network of anchors.

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Stellar now supported on Ledger Vault

You can now create Stellar accounts in your Ledger Vault workspace to send and receive funds.

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Crypto and blockchain won’t catch on until they’re actually useful

Major barriers separate crypto and blockchain from mass adoption, so how can companies overcome this obstacle? SDF’s Lisa Nestor and Settle CFO, Mary Saracco, dive into the infrastructure needed to make mass user adoption possible.

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SDF on Capitol Hill

Takeaways from Denelle's appearance at the House Financial Services Committee briefing. 

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Achieving Network Effects on an Open Network [October 7]

In this special roundtable, board members of the Stellar Development Foundation will come together to discuss the implications of network effects and share their expertise on how to accomplish this value-growth model in blockchain. They will also explore the potential of building on an open network like the Stellar network. 

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0x, Kraken and Stellar Awarded Board Seats at Top Crypto Lobbying Association

‘Cryptocurrency industry advocacy group the Blockchain Association bolstered its board Tuesday with members from 0x, the Stellar Development Foundation and Kraken.’

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Stellar for Remittances

Today, remittance service providers, digital money apps, growing fintech companies, and remote traditional banks can use Stellar to reduce the friction and costs associated with traditional MTOs, correspondent banks, and financial payment rails.

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DTransfer goes live with instant B2B payments between Europe and Africa

"Introducing DTransfer, an instant cross-border payment solution for businesses. Facilitating first client payments marks the launch of our money transfer platform. DTransfer empowers global business to operate more efficiently by leveraging blockchain technology to transfer funds – fast, cheap and transparently."

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SDF Quarterly Update: Q3 2020

Join us on Thursday October 15 at 9:00 am PT for a presentation of Stellar Development Foundation’s quarter in review. SDF CEO Denelle Dixon will lead the call to share a major announcement about the Stellar network, in addition to the strategic highlights from the Stellar Development Foundation and Stellar network over Q3 of 2020. She will be joined by SDF leaders and a special guest.

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Meridian Hackathon - Join now

Builders... you can now join the #Meridian2020 Hackathon! We're sponsoring a hackathon that will challenge old hands and newcomers alike. Compete for prizes and glory! The competition begins on October 23.

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Stablecoins: The Future of Digital Money

Stellar was designed for stablecoins before stablecoin was even a word.  Learn why stablecoins are useful and how Stellar makes them easy to issue and use.

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Meridian Agenda Now Live

Don't miss out on the keynote speakers at #Meridian2020! You can now add their sessions and many others to your personalized schedule! Register today to access your dashboard and start scheduling sessions.

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Stellar Developer Updates

Protocol 14 is coming

The Protocol 14 rollout is underway! The testnet upgraded 9/30, and the vote to upgrade the public network is schedule for 10/28. If you’re building on Stellar, you need to prepare by installing up-to-date versions of relevant software, including Stellar Core, Horizon, and any Stellar SDKs you use. Here’s a guide with everything you need to know to get up to speed.

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Stellar Developer Digest Issue #62

A weekly recap of all things Stellar ecosystem. This week: A new Stellar Core release and how to integrate with Stellar’s global network of anchors.

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Stellar Community Articles & Interviews

Public Node: The Futbol App on the Stellar Network [Podcast]

Litemint Tournament Finals [Gaming]

Jed McCaleb interview with CoinMarketCap [Interview]

How to Succeed at the Stellar Community Fund [Blog]


Upcoming Events

October 7 - Achieving Network Effects on an Open Network

October 7 - The State of International Remittance (Lisa Nestor)

October 7 - LA Blockchain Summit (Jed McCaleb & Denelle Dixon)

October 9 - Stellar Quest: Learn Stellar, win prizes!

October 14 - The Future of Money: Innovative Solutions for our Transforming Global Economy

October 16 - #Liquidity2020

October 19 - IMF-World Bank Annual Meetings: Cross-Border Payments—The Private Sector Steps Up

November 16 - Meridian

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