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March 2021

Executive Director Message 

We’re wrapping up the first quarter of the year over at SDF, and the momentum is only ramping up from here. 

A big congratulations to our teams who just launched Horizon 2.0. This release lets organizations and developers deploy Horizon with fewer resources and more flexibility. You can now choose a setup that fits your specific use case depending on if you want to run a validator or Horizon itself. This is a game-changer since it provides major improvements to performance and the new architecture, please check it out - you too can deploy your own Horizon!

USDC has been seeing plenty of traction with our ecosystem partners. It has been exciting to watch the growth in usage. Partners like Wyre, DSTOQ, and Settle have already commented on the many ways that USDC will help expand their own businesses. All sign posts are encouraging. 

And, we just celebrated International Women’s Day, where I got to moderate a roundtable discussion with Karen Chang, Lisa Nestor, Tiffany Stewart, and Shannon Romano. These extremely talented women shared their unique insights on building businesses and products in addition to offering great advice on how to break into new industries and endeavors. If you’re wondering how to build a career in programming, check out our blog article spotlighting our female technical talent and their insights into the profession.

The increased engagement in our developer channels and the attention put towards moving the network forward is awesome and moves us closer to our goals.  So glad you are all here to help us create a better future.


Stellar Ecosystem Updates

Women Building in Blockchain: A Spotlight on SDF's Technical Talent 

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we wanted to shine a spotlight on the female technical talent within the Stellar Development Foundation. 

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FinClusive Helps Businesses Stay Compliant and Launches Payments in USDC 

Stellar USDC and FinClusive’s new stablecoin-focused banking partnership will enable businesses to access and leverage digital currency instantly while staying compliant. 

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How Wyre Enables Businesses to Build on Stellar with USDC 

Stellar USDC will soon be natively integrated into Wyre’s API, allowing customers to make payments and move money between the world’s leading digital dollar stablecoin and local fiat currencies.

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Stellar Development Foundation Enterprise Fund Invests in Nigeria-Based Cowrie

SDF announced its 2nd enterprise fund investment of 2021 in Cowrie Integrated Systems to help facilitate growing remittance corridors and as we work together to promote public-private partnership in pursuit of regulatory clarity.

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Multisig Aggregation with Refractor

After distilling years of Stellar apps building experience and feedback from dozens of ecosystem developers, OrbitLens introduces Refractor, a pending transactions storage and multisig aggregator for Stellar Network. 

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Interstellar and Velo Labs Join Forces

Velo Labs and Interstellar announced that the Interstellar team, based in San Francisco, CA, is integrating with Southeast Asia-based Velo Labs, under the leadership of Mike Kennedy and with the ongoing support of its partner organizations, Stellar Development Foundation and Lightnet Group.

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Users can now hold and trade security tokens in LOBSTR wallet

Existing users can now register to DSTOQ from the convenience of their LOBSTR wallet and can hold and trade stocks of some of the biggest companies in the world right from the LOBSTR mobile or web apps.

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You can now protect your StellarX account with multisignature

LOBSTR Vault is the leading multisignature solution for the Stellar Network. With Vault, you can approve outgoing transactions (and trades) from your mobile device.

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USDC Chain Swap

Ultra Stellar is proud to announce a new tool that will help you to swap your USDC on Ethereum to Stellar and enjoy fast and almost free payments. 

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SDF’s Denelle Dixon and Jed McCaleb named #31 and #58 on Cointelegraph’s Top 100

These are the people who made a difference to the crypto industry in 2020 — and who will guide the direction of the sector in 2021.

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Bloomberg Adds Data for 6 Crypto Assets.

Financial data firm Bloomberg announced it is now providing information for six more blockchain assets, including Stellar Lumens. 

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Lightnet Targets Moving $50 Billion Of International Payments, Annually, On The Stellar Blockchain Network By 2022 

That the Lightnet team has chosen the Stellar network as the payment rail signals a vote of confidence for both blockchain as a replacement for existing payment networks, as well as Stellar’s ability to support the movement of money in a range of currencies efficiently across borders at a fraction of the cost and time that it takes today with traditional payment networks.

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Stellar Developer Updates

Horizon v2.0 Released

This major release has been years in the making. It lets people deploy Horizon with fewer resources, under looser constraints, and with far more flexibility than ever before! 

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A New Sun on the Horizon 

With the release of Horizon 2.0, we’ve introduced a new way to run the infrastructure that powers the Stellar network. This paradigm shift enables large organizations and small developers alike to deploy Horizon with fewer resources, under looser constraints, and with far more flexibility than ever before.

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Kelp GUI v1.0.0-rc2 (beta) is now available on the Stellar mainnet

Check out the full release notes.

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Turing Signing Server Refactor

Tyler has entirely refactored the Turing Signing Server reference implementation to enable an easier onboarding experience for developers wanting to help stand up and join the initial experimental TSS network.

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Stellar Community Articles & Interviews

Karen Chang (SDF) on The Decrypt Daily Podcast

Jason Chlipala (SDF) on Sam Conner

Steve van Zutphen (Co-Founder and CEO of TheFutbolCoin) on the Bit Podcast

The State of Finclusive


Upcoming Events

Denelle Dixon @ Blockchain Africa Conference - March 18

Denelle Dixon @ European Blockchain Convention - April 12

Denelle Dixon @ Paris FinTech Forum - April 15

‍Past Events

Hack the System - Feb 25

New Hires

Vivian Bui, HR Generalist

Vivian will be supporting the SDF team through policy building, learning and development initiatives and general HR support. She was most recently at Pared, a marketplace for hospitality, where she established the company’s first performance reviews process, core values, and employee recognition programs. With over 5 years of people ops experience in early stage start-ups, Vivian is passionate about building community and culture.

Paul Bellamy, Senior Software Engineer

A full-stack engineer with decades of experience at startups, Paul is joining the Horizon team. Previously, he's built global-scale message-busses, high-throughput time-series databases, and continuous deployment tooling loved by developers around the world. He is a frequent fixture at local and international conferences and meetups, giving talks and leading workshops about DevOps, testing, and development best practices.

Christin Spradley, Commercial Counsel

Christin is responsible for providing legal and regulatory support to all of SDF's commercial and transactional matters, including business development, strategic partnerships, and other commercial agreements.  Most recently, Christin served as deputy general counsel of a publicly traded FinTech company focused on expanding access to credit for small businesses and microentrepreneurs.  Previously, Christin was in private practice at the M&A group of Paul Weiss, and she also served as a Peace Corps volunteer in West Africa where she focused on economic development, agribusiness, and natural resource management.

Richard Rodrigo, Technical Sourcer

Richard is a proud first-generation college graduate, former director and IC for a nonprofit serving high school and college students with disadvantaged backgrounds. Most recently in his tech journey, he supported small and large companies fine-tune their recruiting processes and systems, and help scale teams. Richard will bring these experiences to support the People & Ops team at SDF to accomplish its hiring goals (while keeping diversity top of mind).

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