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June 2021

Executive Director Message 

This past June, we made significant headway in supporting the robustness and usability of Stellar with the network upgrade to Protocol 17. Protocol 17 introduced a new feature that was developed because of demand from our ecosystem – asset clawback. It’s also a feature that solves important concerns raised by regulators.  By using asset clawback, issuers can now:

  • Recover clawback enabled assets that have been fraudulently obtained
  • Respond to regulatory actions
  • Enable identity-proven persons to recover an asset in the event of loss of key custody or theft.

If you’d like to learn more about how to use asset clawback on Stellar, check out this tutorial – it offers a step-by-step guide on how to set up the operation and complete the asset clawback transaction. 

In other news, we’re delighted to announce that the Stellar Community Fund’s next round is now open for submissions until mid-September 2021. Given the success of SCF’s previous rounds, we took the opportunity to gather feedback directly from the community and have implemented a few changes on how SCF will be run from now on, so please refer to the updated guidelines if you plan on participating. By making these adjustments, we hope to keep growing this vibrant developer community while streamlining the application, voting, and funding process. 

We are also just a few months out from Meridian 2021! I can’t believe our third conference is happening so soon. Join us on Nov. 17 & 18 to hear experts from within and beyond the Stellar ecosystem discuss what they're building and their plans for growth. Mark your calendars and sign up for updates here.

Finally, our quarterly call is rolling around in a few weeks. Taking a look back, we have tons to cover so it should be an exciting one. Keep an eye out for an announcement on when it’s taking place! 

- denelle

Stellar Ecosystem Updates

Join us for Meridian 2021

Meridian 2021 will serve as a forum where experts in finance, policy, and technology from within and beyond the Stellar ecosystem will share what they’re building and their plans for growth. By connecting on Stellar, these developers and companies are working effectively and collectively to have a global impact, bringing the world closer to true financial inclusion.

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Supporting Ukrainian Financial Institutions to Leverage Blockchain

Last month, SDF convened a two-day event to connect leaders from Ukrainian financial institutions and the banking market with experts from the blockchain and virtual asset industry. We initiated the event as part of our ongoing partnership with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, which began in January 2021 in support of developing a virtual asset strategy.

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Stellar Community Fund 3.0

The previous round of the Stellar Community Fund was a real win: it provided support to 8 great Stellar-based projects, and we are excited to see how they leverage their success to continue to evolve and grow. The next SCF of 2021 is now open for submissions at and will run until mid-September.

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Association of Ukrainian Banks Admits SDF as Member

On the heels of convening Ukrainian financial institutions with experts from the blockchain and virtual assets industry, SDF accepted an invitation to join the Association of Ukrainian Banks as a member.

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Protocol 17 is live! 

On June 1st, 2021, the Stellar network upgraded to Protocol 17, which includes one major — and incredible — new feature: Asset Clawback. Asset Clawback makes it easier to issue specific types of regulated assets such as money market funds, bonds, and equities on Stellar.

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Stellar Development Foundation Enterprise Fund Invests $15 Million in Airtm

The investment will enable Airtm to advance development of its robust platform by integrating with Stellar in the coming year, bringing global financial services to businesses and consumers in Latin America and the developing world, while leveraging the most powerful features of the Stellar network to make transactions efficient, secure, and more cost-effective.

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Wyre Announces New Savings API Powered by the Stellar Network

Fintechs can now use Wyre’s new savings API to access yield-earning savings products leveraging Stellar USDC. Offering an annual yield many times the average traditional U.S. dollar savings account, Wyre enterprise partners can choose to access the Saving API for their own use or create white-label savings products with yield payouts available for their customers. For more information on the Wyre Savings API, contact Wyre here.

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Blockchain will thrive once innovators and regulators work together

Emerging technology such as blockchain can change the world for the better, but regulation and innovation must work in tandem. Over the last few months, we’ve seen seemingly reactionary regulators in different parts of the world try to formulate new rules and guidance in silos, without sufficient input from the key stakeholders most knowledgeable about the technology — the innovators themselves.

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Lending platform Tala collaborates with Visa, Circle and SDF to bring crypto to the underbanked

Tala is a lending platform and personal finance app that serves the underbanked in emerging economies. Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, it has 6 million global customers with offices in Nairobi, Manila, Mexico City, and Bangalore. The fintech recently announced a collaboration with Visa, Circle and the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) to bring the benefits of the digital currency ecosystem to underbanked populations. 

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SatoshiPay Receives R&D Grant from Stellar for Pendulum Blockchain

SatoshiPay has received a research and development grant from Stellar Development Foundation to start development of the Pendulum network — a new second-layer blockchain that connects Stellar to the wider DeFi ecosystem by adding smart contract support and bridges to Ethereum and Polkadot.

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Leveraging Blockchain for Financial Inclusion

UNICEF innovate announced that Leaf Global Tech, a digital wallet built on Stellar, will be part of their first cohort of blockchain investments building solutions toward financial inclusion. 

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Hack Africa: Announcing Stellar

Stellar Development Foundation has agreed to be a Gold sponsor of Hack Africa. Hack Africa is an 8-week blockchain hackathon run by Encode Club in partnership with Web3Bridge, aimed at university students and hackers.

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Banking, business, and blockchain: expanding financial access 

The more businesses collaborate with each other and use-cases expand, the greater the positive network effects for all Stellar partners. Blockchain technology such as Stellar is modernizing the financial system, proving we can connect financial infrastructure so that, no matter where you are in the world, systems and forms of value can interoperate with each other.

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Velo Labs 2021: vision, priorities and roadmap

Mike Kennedy (CEO, Velo Labs) lays out an overview of his vision for Velo Labs, their strategic priorities for 2021, and their roadmap for the future.

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Researching the Mathematics Behind the Stellar Consensus Protocol

How decentralized and resilient is the Stellar network? And how can we compute network parameters and properties? These questions in a research project conducted at the TU Berlin and sponsored by an academic research grant of the Stellar Development Foundation. 

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How smart regulation can improve the future of blockchain

With extreme positions on both sides, some would have us believe that decentralized technology and regulation are mutually exclusive. As pervasive as that narrative has become, a more evolved view is that both decentralization and regulation are inevitable, so the best results will flow with regulators and innovators coming together. But what will that cooperation look like?

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Stellar Developer Updates

Protocol 17 Upgrade Complete!

Protocol 17 introduces a new feature – Asset Clawback – that is designed to allow businesses issuing regulated financial instruments such as money market funds, bonds, and equities to comply with regulatory requirements by demonstrating the ability to revoke assets in certain situations.

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Action Required: New LTS Support and Ubuntu 16.04 Deprecation

If you operate a Stellar Core or Horizon node, there are some important changes to the way SDF distributes software releases you should be aware of.

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Open Protocol Discussion (6/17/21)

This week we went over two recent Core Advancement Proposals — CAP-37 and CAP-38 — that have the same objective: to add automated market makers to the Stellar Protocol in order to improve overall liquidity on the network. 

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Stellar Community Articles & Interviews

Denelle Dixon (SDF) on The Innovation Meets Leadership podcast

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Denelle Dixon (SDF) on University of Arkansas’ Women in Blockchain Series

Denelle Dixon (SDF) on UC San Diego’s Cryptocurrency and Central Digital Bank Currency Discussion

Meinhard Benn (Satoshipay) on Sam Conner

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Lisa Nestor (SDF) on PYMNTS fireside chat

Denelle Dixon (SDF) on Money Reimagined by Coindesk


Upcoming Events

Meridian 2021

‍Past Events

Consensus 2021 - May 26

UCSD Webinar: Cryptocurrency and Central Bank Digital Currency - May 27

DeFi Summer Hackathon by Minority Programmers Association - June 4

Payments Canada Summit Panel - June 4

Hack Africa by Encode Club - June 15

Open Protocol Discussion (6/17/21)

SDF New Hires

Gabriel Bizama, International Policy Lead

Gabriel is a regulatory lawyer focused on financial inclusion and fintech regulation and policy. Gabriel is responsible for international policy, specifically on engaging meaningfully in the global discussion about the role of blockchain technology and virtual currencies in financial inclusion. Prior to joining SDF, he collaborated on initiatives of the World Bank Group and the United Nations Development Programme. Prior to this, Gabriel led the financial inclusion policy agenda at the Ministry of Treasury of Argentina, and before this, he was at Chubb Group of Insurance Companies.

Sydney Wiseman, Senior Data Engineer

Sydney is joining the Product Engineering Team as its first Data Engineer. For the past 8 years, Syd worked at USAA, a financial institution and insurance company. There, she specialized in building data pipelines, visualizations and Machine Learning frameworks that supported a variety of business functions, ranging from fraud detection and call center analytics.

Trevor Robinson, Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Trevor is responsible for the construction, maintenance, and improvement of Stellar's server infrastructure that drives the core of our blockchain. He brings experience from similar positions in a variety of tech-focused companies like T-Mobile, Funko, and OfferUp.

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