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January 2019

Stellar Ecosystem News

AnchorUSD has added an USD off-ramp with SEP-0006 support. This is the first totally seamless integration that allows any Stellar application to provide USD deposit and withdrawal directly from their users’ bank accounts. If you’re interested in integrating AnchorUSD into your application, reach out to them. Integration tooling will also be released soon.

SatoshiPay has launched three new full Stellar validators and a new multi-signature wallet for Stellar. With these releases comes updated validator Docker images, a full-history catch-up script for Stellar Core, and additional Horizon API instances.

A Stellar Day is a community-created initiative to help spread the word about Stellar through Keybase and social media. Shout out to community members: wouterarkink for organizing the event, Looney for building the website, Speakoespanglish for making the logo, and Georgenaylor, magofox, and Tallship for their feedback. You can read more about “A Stellar Day” here.

Grayscale has added Lumens support to their platform.

Alpha Point announced support for Stellar Lumens. More than 100 AlphaPoint-powered exchanges can now support lumens for deposit, withdrawal, custody, and trading with fiat and cryptocurrency pairings.

SDF New Hires

Graydon Hoare, Senior Developer - Graydon has worked on a variety of open-source systems-level software, including revision control, network servers, programming languages and performance and debugging tools. He contributed to the early design and implementation of stellar-core, and enjoys long walks and reading history.

Tomer Weller, Software Engineer - Tomer helps companies build on Stellar. He's a graduate of the MIT Media Lab, where he worked on digital fabrication technologies, 3d glass printing and fostering maker communities. In the past, he has taught full stack and mobile software development in Israel. Tomer is passionate about hummus, glass blowing, and LISP.

Boris Reznikov, Director of Partnerships - Boris returns to the SDF after stints at Lightyear and Interstellar, and will continue to focus on growing the network with high quality projects and applications. He enjoys foreign languages, riding bicycles, and eating pistachios. During off-hours you’ll find Boris advocating for car-free transportation alternatives (read: more bikes!)

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Community Articles

Stellar Developer Updates

Reminder! The Stellar StackExchange is in Public Beta – We are currently using StackExchange to help developers find the answers they need when working on projects. Come join the community!

Upcoming Events

Lisa and Zac @ CoinList

The new clusters program continues to grow! Below are upcoming Stellar cluster group events:

  • Munich, Germany meet-up January 29th
  • Cape Town, South Africa meetup March 6-8. (Event details will be listed here soon)

If you’re interested in starting a cluster in your area, please use this form.

New Projects and Project Updates

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