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December 2021

Executive Director Message 

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had some time to relax over the holidays as 2022 is already off to the races with a busy first month - so we all need to be ready!

But before I dive into 2022, let’s talk about how December went. Soon after Meridian, we testified before the House Committee on Financial Services on digital assets and the future of finance. As a participant, I feel heartened that the US House Committee on Financial Services is approaching blockchain and crypto with an open and curious mind, and am optimistic that these conversations will help pave a path to a regulatory framework for stablecoins that encourages innovation. We will continue to stay active, close to it, and push for positive results.

We also announced the winners of Stellar Community Fund Round #9 and the DFS Lab Bootcamp! The winners all produced outstanding projects and we couldn’t be more delighted that they will have the resources to further refine their ideas, bringing even more energy and excitement to the Stellar ecosystem. 

We rounded out the year with some heavy-hitting announcements. Global fintech Bitt and TASCOMBANK, one of Ukraine's oldest commercial banks, have launched a pilot project to issue an electronic hryvnia on Stellar, supervised by the National Bank of Ukraine and supported by the Ministry of Digital Transformation. This project serves as a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the power of Stellar in several use cases, including payroll, P2P payments, and merchant payments. 

SDF has also partnered with Tribal Credit and Bitso to enable faster and cheaper international B2B payments in Latin America. Tribal Credit’s new and near-instant cross-border payment service enables companies in Mexico to send B2B payments in Pesos to the US, where recipients will receive the payments in USD. Via Stellar, these payments will be facilitated using Bitso, the most liquid crypto exchange in the region, for pesos-to-Stellar-USDC conversion. 

If you want to catch up on all of SDF’s and Stellar’s exciting highlights, check out the Story of 2021 and sign up for our Q4 webinar on January 25, 2022 — be sure to REGISTER HERE

2022 brings with it a sense of exhilaration for our space. We have lots of good attention and lots of work to do - and I’m eager to show what this year holds for the Stellar Development Foundation and the Stellar network. We’re ready to work! 


Stellar Ecosystem Updates

The Story of 2021

2021 saw some tremendous successes to celebrate for Stellar and its ecosystem. For example, we were ecstatic to see that Stellar had processed another billion operations in just two quarters alone. That’s real growth and even more astounding when you consider its implications – more people are recognizing the power of Stellar and leveraging the network to create greater financial innovation and inclusion across the globe.

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Tribal Credit, Bitso, Stellar Development Foundation Partner to Enable Faster, Cheaper International B2B Payments in LatAm

Tribal Credit, a B2B payment and financing platform for emerging markets, is joining forces with leading Latin American crypto exchange, Bitso, and the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF), to create instant and cheaper cross-border payment services between Mexico and the U.S.

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Ukraine Electronic Hryvnia Pilot Launched by TASCOMBANK and Bitt on Stellar

Global fintech Bitt and TASCOMBANK, one of Ukraine's oldest commercial banks, have launched a pilot project to issue an electronic hryvnia on Stellar. As part of the pilot, the cross-company team will test the electronic hryvnia on the use cases of programmable payroll for public employees at Diia, an IT solutions enterprise, as well as for peer-to-peer payments and merchant payments.

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Digital Assets and the Future of Finance: Testifying Before the U.S. House Committee on Financial Services

The purpose of this hearing was to help the House Committee on Financial Services better understand the challenges and benefits of financial innovation in the United States, covering topics ranging from digital assets, regulatory frameworks, environmental impact, and more. 

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Announcing the winners of SCF #9!

SDF is excited to announce the winners of the 9th round of the Stellar Community Fund (SCF). After one and a half weeks of deliberation, a panel of 49 judges drawn from both the Stellar Development Foundation and the greater Stellar community and ecosystem voted to award 12 projects their requested budgets, and to give away a grand total of over 3.5M XLM.

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Results are Out!: The DFS Blockchain Bootcamp

SDF launched a blockchain bootcamp in partnership with SDF to support the boom of blockchain and crypto activities across the African continent and we were not disappointed with the results. 

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Starlight: A Layer 2 Payment Channel Protocol for Stellar

Stellar has scaled well since the network’s launch in 2014 while maintaining fast and safe finality guarantees. However, at SDF, we’re building for a future where everybody around the globe has equitable access to financial services. We’re targeting a scale that goes beyond what blockchain has demonstrated is possible today while maintaining fast and safe finality.

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Crypto mainstream adoption: Is it here already? Experts answer

Cointelegraph reached out to experts from the crypto and blockchain industry, including Denelle Dixon, asking: “With 2021 coming to an end, in your opinion, has crypto’s mass adoption already begun? What could help it reach the level of mass adoption it needs?”

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Justin Rice - Stellar AMM Update

Justin Rice, VP of Ecosystem at the Stellar Development Foundation, gives an update on AMM functionality on Stellar.

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Stellar Developer Updates

Failed Transaction Mitigation FAQ

On December 10, 2021, we released Stellar Core v18.2.0, which includes a feature aimed at mitigating the impact of failed transactions caused by arbitrage-seeking bots. The goal of this post is to explain a bit about how that feature works and why it's important, and to answer questions you may have about the potential impact it may have on the network.  

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Stellar Community Interviews

Denelle Dixon (SDF) on  

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New Hires

Kallista Halim, Accountant.

Kallista is responsible for the financial close process and day-to-day accounting activities. She was a Risk Analytics Specialist and Staff Accountant in a fintech startup building risk and financial models and has worked together with the Product and Tech team to implement models in their ecosystem.

Jordan Eng, Enterprise Account Manager

The newest Jordan E. to join SDF, Jordan (when needed, he suggests referring to him by his initials, JTE, to avoid confusion) is responsible for supporting counterparties when launching and growing their products and services on the Stellar network. He spent the last few years in consulting at Deloitte, where he focused on a combination of blockchain product management, as well as technology and corporate strategy. In this role, he designed and managed a commercial blockchain-based product for tracking and tracing shipping containers.

Jack Anderson, Business Development Intern

Jack is responsible for working closely with the business development team to implement growth opportunities for SDF. He has been working on an FAQ for the BD team to refer back to and for anchors to read over when they have general questions. He is a freshman at Northeastern University and just finished studying abroad in London last semester.

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