Monthly RoundUp

August 2019

Stellar Ecosystem Updates

Megha Bambra, the Technical Lead for StellarX, talks about onboarding everyone and the StellarX mission.

SDF Board Director and Stanford professor David Mazières co-wrote an SOSP Paper about global payments on the Stellar network. This paper will appear at the 27th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles in October.

This month, we launched the new website! It’s got a brand new look, plus new tools and resources for devs and the community. Check it out:

The 2B Lumen Keybase Space Drop: We’re excited to announce we’ve partnered with Keybase for our largest airdrop ever.

SDF New Hires

Jason Chlipala, COO - Jason started his career as a tax and corporate attorney, but then made the switch to the tech world when he joined Palantir. There he led teams of engineers, data scientists and designers building custom solutions to data problems at large companies. Prior to joining SDF, Jason was the COO of Interstellar, where he worked on all areas of the business.

Sara Mai, Corporate Controller - Sara is a seasoned and active CPA professional who has worked both in public and private sections cross auditing, corporate accounting, tax, SEC reporting and Fund accounting areas. Before joining SDF, Sara was an Associate Director in Gen II Fund Service and an AVP in BNYMellon and Deutsche Bank to serve various clients with their accounting in Private Equity and Real Estate Investments. Sara loves Chinese Dance and enjoys attending Toastmaster clubs.

Siddharth Suresh, Senior Software Engineer - Siddharth is a software engineer joining the Core team. Prior to SDF, he worked on low-latency systems to trade futures and equities at Wolverine Trading. Siddharth likes to golf, play video games, and explore new restaurants on the weekends.

We are hiring! Apply today.

Stellar Developer Updates

Are you a Stellar developer? Take a moment to voice your opinions on the Stellar Developer survey. SDF wants to hear from you!

Stellar Community Articles

LOBSTR Introduces ‘Identicons’ for Stellar Addresses

Stellar Dev Digest Issue #13

How to Stream Ledger Data from the Stellar Network Using Python

SCF Round 2 is accepting submissions. Deadline to submit projects for voting is very soon, so get your proposals in today!

Project Releases & Updates

Stellar Events



Reminder: Beware of “Hard Fork” Scams and “Giveaway Scams”. Learn more about how to protect yourself and your accounts in our Security guide.

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