Community Fund


The Stellar Community Fund (SCF) awards projects the community deems of high value to the ecosystem. Unlike other lumen distribution programs run by SDF, the SCF gives the Stellar community the opportunity to guide Lumens distribution.


The Stellar Community Fund will be held quarterly throughout the year. The first SCF round will begin today and end on June 30. Final voting will begin on June 23 and run 1 week. We expect this program will evolve significantly after the first round. In the spirit of the space, the first round will be a “beta test”. Participant feedback is welcome and will help shape future SCF rounds.

Proposals and Proposal Guidelines

All proposals should be submitted as a new thread to GalacticTalk under the SCF category. Proposals can be for applications, tools, content (such as tutorials, books, and videos), or events. Do not submit strictly proof-of-concept proposals. Submissions must have a live element and be available somewhere that people can use/review them.

Proposal Contents

Project title: The name of your project. Please adhere to the Stellar brand policy.

Summary: A simple sentence summary of your project.

Goals: What your project plans to accomplish broken down by objectives.

Description: The description should answer questions like “what does your project enable users to do,” “why is your project valuable for Stellar,” and “how does your project utilize Stellar.” It should also cover what platforms the project supports (ex; Windows, Chrome, etc.) and relevant documentation. This section should be very detailed.

Link: Links to your application, code repository, supporting materials, and/or home site. If you are submitting a proposal for content pieces (like walkthroughs), please provide links to the content pieces.

Anything else: Any additional information you think the community should know about your project!

After submitting a proposal, it’s important to stay active and answer any questions the community may have about your project.


Voting will take place in two rounds. A nomination round and award round.

Nominations will be ongoing throughout the proposal submission window. For this beta round, nominations will be based on the most liked proposals on GalacticTalk (discounting likes/nominations from accounts made after March ‘19). Though this will lock out new community members from participating in the nomination process, we still highly encourage new users to sign up and participate in proposal discussion so they can participate in nominations next round. This account lock-out will not affect who can submit a proposal. The top 7 most-liked proposals will move on to the final voting round.

Final voting will be held on /r/Stellar. After nominations close, we will open a poll thread with the names, descriptions, and links of the nominee proposals. Users will vote by selecting one of the seven options in the poll and by also leaving a comment ONLY confirming the name of the project they are voting for. Votes from duplicate accounts and voting manipulation will be discarded. Please only comment the name of the proposal you are voting for in the voting thread. Any other comments will be removed. There will be a second thread for proposal discussion linked.

Voting will last 7 days. For this round we will not be using photon weighted polls. Votes will be counted based on poll results, subtracting any votes that do not also leave a comment confirmation.


The Stellar Community Fund is being allotted 12,000,000 lumens for the year. Each round will award 3,000,000 lumens. Winners will be awarded proportionally out of this pool based on final vote percentages.