Program & Policies


Create a community, time and place where those building on Stellar can meet to discuss the technology as well as share stories, resources and support.


  • Connect local entrepreneurs, developers and leaders building on Stellar.
  • Facilitate quality discussion and continuous learning for Stellar community members.
  • Strengthen the voice of the Stellar community through grassroots organization and increased engagement between users.


Anyone can run a Stellar Meetup, and it is encouraged! A meet-up is a great way to educate new groups about the open-source software and digital asset marketplace.

However, Clusters are a specific type of community group in the Stellar ecosystem focused on providing support for individuals, projects and companies actively building on Stellar.

Types of Clusters

Registered – Clusters have a regional identity (ie. city or country) and are officially registered with the Stellar Development Foundation.

Recurring – Clusters meet on a recurring basis, providing a consistent time and place for members to meet for discussion. The frequency of meetings is set by the group, but should be at least quarterly (4 times per year).

Managed – Clusters are formed and managed by community volunteers. Each Cluster should have a registered Group Lead and Technical Lead. These can be the same person, however we encourage two people.

Group Lead – Serves as the primary organizer and leader for the group. Acts as a representative for the group with SDF, as well as the external community.

Technical Lead – Serves as a liaison for the group on network updates, protocol changes or other active technical issues. This individual should be part of the Stellar Developer Mailing List.

Self Sustaining – Clusters are not funded by SDF. Their activities are organized and funded by their community members, through in-kind or financial sponsorship. SDF will provide support to aspiring Cluster Leads in identifying local resources and potential sponsors, but these resources will be managed and maintained by each Cluster. What this means, importantly, is that Clusters are self-sustaining and 100% community owned.

Support from SDF

While SDF does not financially sponsor Clusters, the Foundation will actively engage with the groups to develop and share training materials, provide ongoing training support and collaborate in hosting or sponsoring larger regional events.

In addition, registered Clusters will be visible and searchable from the website.

Resources & Next Steps

Ready to form your Cluster?

We will be sharing a Cluster Registration Form and publishing the Cluster Directory within the next few weeks. We’ll share updates via email, the Stellar newsletter and on social.

We will also publish a Cluster Resource Guide and supplemental training resources.