The first step in entering the SCF is to come up with a killer project. Is there a change you can imagine that would make the world a better place? A need out there that's not addressed by current technology? Some content, resource, or event that would help people better understand how and why to build on Stellar? If you need inspiration, think about it, ask around, connect with other Stellar developers and enthusiasts, or check out our documentation.


left till the final vote!

Proposals Submission

All proposals should be submitted as a new thread to under the SCF | proposals category. Proposals should be classified by category. Are you building an application, writing a resource, or planning an event? Choose appropriately.  Below are category descriptions.

Applications, tools, infrastructure:

This is the ‘developer’ category. If your project is built on Stellar—or is a tool that supports developing on Stellar—your proposal belongs here. All submissions to this category must have a functional / live element. For example: if you are creating a library, you must have reviewable code; if you are building an application, people must be able to demo it.

Resources & Content:

This is the category for people who want to flex their creative muscles. Do you have a great series of tutorials, a podcast, or website that can help educate people about Stellar? If so, your proposal fits within this category.

This category requires drafts or rough cuts of your proposed content. People must be able to read and review your submitted samples.

Events & Programs:

This is the category for broader Stellar outreach. Are you planning on hosting a workshop or community-driven program? If so, this is the category for you. This category requires that you share a plan for execution. Depending on the scope of this effort you will need to provide items such as proposed venues, curriculum, timelines, guests, costs, etc.

Submission Template

Image Header: 1200x630 image preview of your project or project brand (keep margins in mind).

Project title: The name of your project. Please adhere to the Stellar brand policy.

Summary: A simple sentence summary of your project.

Category: Choose one the three categories (Applications, tools, infrastructure | Resources & Content | Events & Programs )

Goals: What your project plans to accomplish broken down by objectives.

Timeline: How and when you will accomplish your goals.

Description: The description should answer questions like “what does your project enable users to do?” “Why is your project valuable for Stellar?” and “Wow does your project use Stellar?” It should also cover what platforms the project supports (ex; Windows, Chrome, etc.) and relevant documentation. This section should be very detailed.

Link: Links to your application, code repository, supporting materials, and/or home site. If you are submitting a proposal for content pieces (like walkthroughs), please provide links to the content pieces.

Tags: Tag your project. Examples can be “sdk, javascript, party, game, book”

Submission Eligibility

Applicable law and our internal policies restrict us from providing lumen awards for certain categories of projects. If your project is in one of our prohibited categories, it will not be eligible for an award. If you are unsure whether your project falls inside these one or more of these categories, please contact us and verify!

Regardless of the community’s voting outcome, a submission will be ineligible to receive an award if it:

  • violates any applicable laws, regulations, orders, judgments, decrees, guidance, or other legal authority;
  • involves, facilitates, supports, or promotes unlawful activities, including, but not limited to: fraud, drug trafficking, purchases on dark web markets, theft, illegal arms trafficking, human trafficking, abduction, extortion, embezzlement, corruption of public officials, acts of terrorism or terrorist financing, and intellectual property violations;
  • involves, facilitates, or promotes gambling;
  • is offensive, deceptive, harmful, or libelous;
  • is or contains sexually obscene content;
  • is discriminatory or abusive toward any individual or group;
  • contains, transmit, or instills malware or phishing pages or devices; or
  • infringes or violates any proprietary right of any party, including patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, right of privacy, right of publicity, or other rights.

Participant Eligibility

SDF intends to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the distribution of lumen awards. All winners will be required to submit KYC documentation and fill out an applicable tax form. Failure to submit appropriate documentation or failure to pass our KYC cheecks will result in your rewards being forfeit. These tax forms will be used for accounting and tax reporting purposes so please be aware of your country’s applicable laws regarding tax-filing. Lumens will be reported at closing price on the day they are sent to you.

You must be at 18 years of age to participate in SCF, unless your country's minimum age for receiving a cryptocurrency award is older, in which case you must meet the minimum age applicable in your jurisdiction.

You may only win SCF a maximum of once per year (block of 4 rounds). While you can resubmit ‘losing’ proposals, individuals who submit new proposals after winning 1 SCF challenge within the current year will be disqualified from consideration for the award. ‘Losing’ proposals may only re-enter twice per year, pending there are improvements to the entry.

Current Ecosystem Infrastructure Grant recipients are not eligible to participate in SCF.

The SCF is a fund for work completed or proven not for a promise of future work. For applications and content there must be significant work and effort put into proving the viability and commitment to your project and for events you should have a history demonstrating your ability and qualification to carry out your intentions.

Participants who create fake accounts to bypass the above rules will be disqualified. This is regardless of whether or not they win a round. Participants who leverage sockpuppet accounts to submit proposals, friends to submit proposals, or any similar ‘act of bad faith’ will be disqualified. SDF has the right to withhold awards from people who have abused these eligibility requirements.

Unfortunately, if you’re a national or resident of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, or the region of Crimea, we are unable to send you any lumens. Additionally, we may also be unable to send lumens to winners in countries where local law makes it unlawful for residents to hold or receive cryptocurrencies. Please note, we currently cannot send lumens to residents of the US states of Alabama, New York, Georgia, Connecticut, New Mexico, Hawaii, Vermont, and Washington.

All participants will retain the intellectual property associated with their submission.

Engaging in vote manipulation will cause your proposal to be disqualified. This includes botspam, fake/sock puppet accounts, and brigading.

Manipulation and Disqualification

What we're looking for is organic, genuine interest and discussion around your project. Foster and encourage that. Be kind and supportive to your fellow competitors.  Don’t ask for votes.  Instead, ask others to simply take a look for themselves.

Feel free to share a direct link to your GalacticTalk post with your friends or users, but don’t mass-message people, or attempt to "game" the system in any way.  People should upvote things they genuinely like or find interesting, not because they were peer pressured or incentivized to do so.

While this is a community fund, the SDF retains the right to disqualify entries and timeout participants without warning or explanation in order to maintain a fair and profitable experience for everyone.  If we find you’re acting in bad faith, we may bar you from participating in future rounds as well.

If you suspect foul play and would like SDF to investigate, or if you have suggestions for future rounds of the community fund, please fill out this form. Do not use the SCF Keybase team to critique the program or call out participants.