Stellar Community Fund

The Stellar Community Fund (SCF) gives the broader Stellar community the opportunity to vote on which projects they believe deserve XLM awards. Any project built on Stellar can apply and participate! Every 3 months, the 8 winning projects split a pool of 3 Million Lumens.

Why participate in SCF?

SCF is a great chance to kickstart your Stellar-based project and to connect to the thriving Stellar community.  You can road test ideas, get real feedback from developers and potential users, and win funding to allow you to pursue your vision.  It's a rare opportunity to win rewards — no strings attached — for dreaming big.

Stellar is an amazing technology that allows you to build the future of finance. You can easily issue any kind of digital asset, connect any app to a network full of existing assets, and handle payments, make trades, or connect to real-world financial infrastructure. There are all kinds of interesting projects built on Stellar, and all kinds of existing resources that support the Stellar ecosystem, but there's also a ton of room to innovate and a lot left to build.

How will Stellar change the world? The SCF is your invitation to help figure that out.


Round 5 is currently underway!

May 25th – Submissions open. Submit your project!
June 22nd – Submissions close. Discussion opens.
July 20th – Nominations open
July 27th – Nominations close, 1 week pause
Aug 3rd – Final vote begins
Aug 10th – Final vote finishes, round ends, 1 week pause

Each SCF round consists of 4 phases.

The submission phase:

During this phase, participants submit their proposals to Late submissions will not be eligible for the current round. The submission phase lasts 4 weeks.

The discussion phase:

The discussion phase is the participation and learning phase. We want the entire community to chime in here. It is fundamentally the most important part of the Stellar Community Fund: not only does it give participants valuable feedback, it also allows them to position themselves as advocates for their proposal and overall growth of the ecosystem.

This round is strictly dedicated to the sharing and discussion of project proposals within the community. Community members should take this time to ask participants questions about their proposals, submit suggestions, and engage with any active elements.

The discussion phase lasts 4 weeks.

The nomination phase:

This is the first round of voting. Stellar community members vote for their favorite project proposals. Each voter must select 3 entries but can vote on up to 8 different entries. The top 8 nominees move to the final vote phase.

Nomination takes place over 2 weeks. There will be a one week pause after the nomination phase before the final vote begins.

The final vote:

In this phase, the top 8 proposals enter a final vote which guides the lumen distribution. Voters choose their 3 favorite proposals from the top 8.

Lumens are distributed based on the final percentage of the votes. For example, if a winning project receives 20% of the vote, they will receive 20% of the awarded lumens (600,000XLM of the 3M XLM pool).

There will be a one-week gap before each new round begins.

Past winning projects

Stellar Community Fund winners