Stellar Report: Wallet v2 and Welcome Bartek


We’ve welcomed Bartek Nowotarski to the team! Bartek is joining the Platform team, and prior to Stellar, he worked as a lead developer and a security consultant. Learn more about Bartek here.


  • Wallet v2, reset recovery code feature, and two-factor authentication are now live for all users.
  • We refactored the send pane to increase performance and fix some user-reported bugs.
  • We made a change to the remove anchor function—you can now remove trustlines from an anchor.


Coming Soon

  • We’re working on stellar-payments, an open-source node js library that will provide robust transaction submission on the Stellar network, and increases the reliability of the giveaway.
  • We’re also working on Stellar Charts, so soon you will be able to easily view network stats, trade volume, top markets, and exchange rates.
  • We are still working on several in-depth blog posts on a number of topics, including the giveaway and scalability which we hope to have out over the next few weeks.
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