Week 3 of the Stellar System

Here is my quick recap of what’s been going on at Stellar Development Foundation for your reading pleasure.


  • Dev team has been working tirelessly on clearing up items remaining from launch, multi-currency client and scalability.
  • Multi-currency and gateway support in the client will be released by the end of September.
  • We announced plans for our invite system two weeks ago. Today, a small number of invites are out in the wild for testing – we are still working on it based off feedback we are receiving. Note on the invites: the sender of an invite can cancel an invite anytime after sending it if the invite has not been used. As a result, it would not be wise to buy invites from others.


  • We have been interviewing a lot of great candidates who have been applying and just made 2 phenomenal dev hires who we will announce soon.
  • Marshall who was helping out tremendously on community for our launch will be joining Block.io as chief marketing officer. We were so glad to have had his support for launch and wish him all the best!
  • We also posted a new position for a progam associate to help with educational programming – you can check it out along with all our other jobs here.


  • Gateways are coming!
  • We have been spending some time talking to developers who are building things on top of Stellar. There have been a lot of people reaching out to us and we are working on better documents to help developers find answers more easily. Exciting things are being built and announced in the ecosystem every day and looks like there is a ton more to come!
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