Wallet v2 Is Live

Wallet version two (v2) is now live for all users. Your wallet will automatically be migrated to v2 upon login. You can read up more about the new features in wallet v2 here.

For a deep dive into the technical details behind why we have switched to v2 so soon after launch, please read Scott Fleckenstein’s blog, Wallet Server, Version Two: The Electric Boogaloo.

Also new today, we’ve added the ability to reset your recovery code. If you have lost your recovery code, you can now reset and activate a new code in the settings menu. We recommend that all users take this step to insure account access in the event of a lost password. This feature requires a verified email and that the “SEND EMAILS” setting is toggled to “on.”

Token reset feature

Additionally, two-factor authentication now available.

By using an app on your phone (such as Google Authenticator or Authy), you can prevent attempts at guessing your password. Two-factor authentication can be enabled in the settings menu.

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