Trading is up! The Stellar Report, Oct 2


Happy to announce that Eva Gantz has joined the Stellar team working on community so you will be seeing her around Twitter, FB and other online channels. Prior to joining us, she has worked on social strategy for an LGBTQ publishing house and has run a site to assist authors with their own social media strategy. You can read more about her here.

New Features:

Trading is now live on the client! This gives people easy access to the global distributed exchange. It allows you to trade any currency for any other. As it is a feature for more advanced users, you must first enable it in your settings. Take a peek here:


More Happenings:

  • New BTC anchor: launched with no-login BTC-STR anchor.
  • We have started posting weekly recaps of Stellar Development Foundation’s standups in the stellar-dev IRC chat. The goal is to provide more transparency for the public into what is being worked in by each team member.
  • We have completed setup of Zendesk to help us stay on top of the inbound community requests we have been getting. As many of you know, roughly 100X more people ended up signing up for Stellar our first month than we had anticipated which lead to a deluge of emails, tweets, forum posts, phone calls and IMs. Now that we have the system in place, we have spent the past week going through the backlog – still a lot more to go, but progress is being made!
  • We also added some more FAQs and will be adding more over the next few weeks.
  • Relatedly, there are now over 2 million Facebook auths for stellars!
  • Winnie has begun doing a series of 1:1s conversations with community members to listen to how they are participating in the ecosystem and their envisioned future for Stellar.
  • Impromptu Stellar gathering in NYC: Winnie and I ended up in NYC this week and tweeted out a last minute gathering. It was so great hearing about everyone’s unique stories about why Stellar is meaningful to them and also learning about their projects.

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