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Stellar Roadmap 2019

Here it is, without further ado: our current plan for 2019.

We have a lot of projects we’re working on at SDF, and we’re excited to share them with you. To keep things neat, we’ve presented our plans as a series of actions sorted by category, each with a rough indication of ship date.

The categories give you some insight into how things are organized at SDF: both Horizon and Stellar Core have dedicated teams; Product is a new team focused on content and Stellar apps; Ecosystem handles developer and community relations; Organization covers HR and ops. All these teams have a lot to do this year, and they’re all growing as we speak.

Eventually, we’re hoping to turn this roadmap into a living document -- a place to not only outline the projects we’re working on, but to keep you updated as we progress through them. That’s going to take a bit of doing, though, so for now, we’ve decided to share this with you as-is in the interest of getting it out there. You know what they say about March: in like a lion.

Click here to view the Stellar Roadmap

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