Stellar report: World Bank and New Integrations


  • Joyce Kim will speak today at the World Bank’s “Conference on Migration and the Global Development Agenda.” Joyce will address how Stellar can help lower the cost of remittances for migrant communities.
  • will begin to offer lumens this week. To do this, is a customer on several regulated exchanges such as Kraken, and will offer the lumens to such exchanges. The exchange will then effect the transaction, so you need to be a customer of the exchange to participate. The current plan is to offer the lumens in small amounts on separate occasions and at the market price on the exchange at time of placement.
  • Since the upgraded network went live, developers from the community have emerged with fascinating projects. Here’s a sampling of new Stellar integrations:
    • Centaurus, open source Stellar app for Android
    • Kraken, Bitcoin exchange based in San Francisco
    • Lobstr, iOS, Android, and desktop wallet for Stellar
    • VC Bear, Japanese anchor
    • Poloniex, Bitcoin exchange based in the United States
  • ReadWrite featured Stellar in a piece on why we must Bridge The Digital Divide. Stellar appears alongside other projects that extend digital access, including Google’s Project Loon and Facebook’s
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