Stellar Report: Welcome Jessica, Rewrite Update, and Vumi


  • Welcome Jessica Collier, a pioneer in the field of narrative UX. Jessica has a PhD in English and is joining us from the product design team at Evernote.


  • Our stellard team has been heads down on the rewrite of stellard. We’re drafting a white paper and finishing up code that implements the system as described in the paper to address scalability concerns.

    We know many of you are excited for the rewrite. Our current estimate is to publish the white paper with open source code in the early spring. We’ll post more updates as we get further along.

  • At our last developer meetup, Scott Fleckenstein and Andrew Rogers of Stellar, along with Josh Beal of Reveal gave presentations. Learn how to set up a wallet server, get an introduction to the new modular client, and find out how Josh built Reveal.

  • We fixed a bug to ensure that users can disable two-factor authentication.


  • We announced a new project with Vumi to bring digital wallets to young girls in South Africa. This project is key to our core mission of financial access for all.

  • FastCompany wrote up a piece on our executive director Joyce, and how Stellar is changing the way money moves around the world.

  • Joyce spoke about financial inclusion at the latest Stanford Bitcoin Meetup.

Community translations of this post:
Chinese: 恒星报告:欢迎Jessica,Stellar核心重写进程状态,以及vumi

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