Stellar Report: Join the Team, BBC interview, & Lagos


  • is hiring! Get in touch if you’re a serious C++ Developer, Senior Developer, Front End Developer, or Developer Evangelist.


  • Due to recent updates, developers will need to upgrade your JavaScript libraries to stellar-sdk 0.4.1 and stellar-base 0.5.2 as soon as possible. If you’re actively developing on the Stellar network, please subscribe to the official releases mailing list to receive future update notices.
    Contact management in Centaurus
    Centaurus contacts
  • Community-built wallet Centaurus now supports federation-powered contact management and cross-currency payments. Thanks, @powderfan!
  • developer Graydon released a Go standalone history archive tool. The archivist doesn’t require Stellar Core for its archive maintenance tasks, which include reporting the state of archives and repairing incomplete archives.
  • Iris, another dev, recently added custom URLs to the Stellar Laboratory tool. You can now link to specific endpoints and pre-built transactions like this one.


Coming Soon

  • In the coming months, we’ll be announcing more real-world projects and services integrating with the Stellar network. Thank you for your role in building this Stellar new world.

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Chinese: 恒星报告:加入团队,BBC访谈以及拉各斯

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