Stellar Report: Data Management, Federation, and Coinstar for Coffee Beans


  • You can now attach any key/value pair to a Stellar network account. Using the manage data operation, the account can have an associated encryption key, publicly attest to some fact, or provide other metadata about itself.
  • Centaurus Android wallet added Chinese localization, thanks to @lab’s contributions. You can test out the app’s functionality with a new testnet browser demo.
  • developer Bartek added support for federation to the account viewer. The viewer now resolves an email-like payment address (ex: sacarlson* to the associated public key.
  • As a personal project, Bartek also built a prototype of a Go cold wallet designed for Raspberry Pi. If you give it a try, please be sure to attempt transactions on the testnet first.
  • Scott added features to the Go stellar base library that enable easier interaction with Stellar network data.


  • Stellar integrator bext360 proposed a project with Open Challenge: Stellar-powered smart coffee kiosks that automatically pay out farmers in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Each kiosk, which functions like a Coinstar for coffee beans, will serve around 4,000 farmers.

    Prototype of a bext360 coffee kiosk
    Prototype of a bext360 coffee kiosk
  • Social network Philafy will use the Stellar network to transform social media “likes” into micro-donations.
  • Joyce Kim and Jed McCaleb share how blockchain technology is bringing low-cost banking to the world’s poor: “This is hitting the poorest of the poor—it’s really material for them if they’re spending a significant amount of their money on this remittance fee,” Jed says. “We’re hoping to fix all that.”
  • Paul Nelson from USAID mentions the Stellar network in his piece on how virtual currencies create pathways for people in emerging economies.
  • Jed explains the difference between the Stellar network and Bitcoin in a brief video.

  • Bartek gave a short presentation about the Stellar network at Google Campus in Warsaw on March 30th.
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