Stellar Report: Bitcoin Donations, Stellar Ideas, and Oradian


  • Things have been a bit quiet on the tech reports since we’ve been entirely focused on the new consensus algorithm, which is only weeks away from being released. The new algorithm will be significantly more scalable and secure.

  • A special thanks goes out to @gterzian for his contributions to stellar-client, which got the first Karma tests passing on the client. This pull request set up a suite of unit and integration tests for the controllers, services, and directives parts of the Stellar client. Thanks, @gtzerian!


  • We are now accepting Bitcoin donations. We operate as a non-profit and always appreciate support for the goals in our mandate.
  • Have you seen our new community page? In addition to featuring community-based projects and places to chat with other explorers, we’ve added resources to make your own stickers, t-shirts, and presentations.Community-Resources
  • We’re on always on the hunt for contributors and volunteers, so if you’re interested in helping out please let us know. There’s a wide range of opportunities, including translation, teaching, research, and coding.
  • Explore Stellar Ideas, a new space to discover, submit, and vote on ideas you have about Stellar. You can propose or browse ideas for community, developers, features, and gateways.
  • Join our new Slack channel and chat with SDF members and the Stellar community. All are welcome.
  • Oradian announced their plans to use Stellar to help connect microfinance institutions (organizations that aim to reach the unbanked). Our latest Medium piece examines how better infrastructure for these institutions can empower community-built solutions. Follow us on Medium for updates on our journey.
  • We hosted a happy hour in San Francisco on Wednesday and were thrilled to meet so many explorers!

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Japanese: ビットコイン寄付、ステラアイデア、Ordian

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