Monthly Roundup – July

stellar-header-image July was an action-packed month of meetings with current and future partners as well as numerous speaking engagements that took the Stellar Team around the globe to Singapore, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Bangalore, Paris, Lagos and beyond! We presented Stellar to a wide variety of audiences and we are excited by the overwhelmingly positive responses and feedback we have received.

As always, find below a roundup of stories and announcements from July as well as a list of upcoming events for the month ahead. Enjoy!

Top Stories

Using Stellar for ICOs
Since the beginning of the year, we’ve seen organizations raise over $1.3 billion through initial coin offerings (ICOs). While there may be various regulatory, financial, and technical issues littering the current ICO landscape, there is no denying that the ICO model is a boon for the growth of strong, decentralized networks and mainstream blockchain adoption.

One of the first organizations to use the Stellar platform for a token is Mobius. Mobius is building innovative universal blockchain API protocols and a DApp Store that will connect billions of people and devices to the blockchain ecosystem

As a follow up to our post in June on creating tokens on Stellar, we’ve put together a blog post that outlines why Stellar is the ideal choice for issuing ICOs. Check it out!

New Partnerships

Singapore based SendX, in partnership with Stellar, is the better way to move money worldwide. The SendX team believes that the future of transactions is decentralized and distributed, bringing true equity to everyone across the value chain

VoguePay, with offices in the United Kingdom and Nigeria, is partnering with Stellar to become the cheapest and most efficient way to send money between the United Kingdom and Nigeria. In the coming months, they expect to expand this service to other selected African countries.

Skylark enables enterprises to become more agile and innovative through a comprehensive portfolio of services that addresses hybrid IT transformation, workspace transformation, service transformation and end­ to ­end IT infrastructure management. Skylark Blockchain provides solutions for companies to approach commerce, trading, transparency, security, identification, supply chain and auditing systems powered by blockchain.


Bext360 first look
Bext360 reveals a first-look at their Coinstar-esque machine for coffee growers. With Bext360 and Stellar, coffee growers will finally get the fair-deal they deserve.

Bitcoin Lumen Program: individuals must claim by August 27th!
Individuals looking to claim their share of lumens as part of the Bitcoin Lumen Program have until August 27th to claim. Links to the claim pages can be found in the blog post.

Lumen giveaway deadline extension for exchanges
For exchanges that wish to participate in the Bitcoin Lumen Program, we are offering a claim deadline extension to December 31, 2017 as well as limited technical assistance to exchanges that meet the criteria outlined here. now accepts XLM for mobile recharge
Today has announced that they will accept payment in XLM directly for mobile recharge with more services on the way in the near future. Check it out!

Developer News

Moving to SIPs
We are standardizing our process for incorporating changes to the core Stellar protocol as well as the various protocols used in the surrounding ecosystem. We are moving to the same method that is used for Bitcoin and Ethereum developer communities. So please check out the repo and get involved.

We’re hiring!
Interested in working at We’re hiring for a variety of developer roles. We don’t care about pedigrees but we do care if you are smart and can get stuff done. Be nimble. Be enthusiastic. We want spirited debates about how to build tools that will impact the future of money. If you are interested, check out our current openings.

Events and Meetups

August 28th – September 2nd – India
Stellar will be back in India during the last week of August hosting a series of local events including academic seminars on SCP, meet-ups and a hackathon in Bangalore.Events TBD – stay tuned!

September 14th – September 16th – Shanghai, China
Stellar CTO and Co-Founder, Jed McCaleb, will be speaking at the Global Blockchain Summit in Shanghai, China this September. Purchase tickets here.Stay tuned for more China meet-ups.

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