Weekly Stories: What’s Happening in Financial Inclusion

  • Popular Latin American social network Taringa will pay its users in Bitcoin for their popular posts.

  • Financially excluded folks often don’t have credit history, limiting their access to loans. Poor people in the United States increasingly fall back on predatory payday loans, with interest rates as high as 1900%.
    chart of predatory payday loan rates
  • Three innovative fintech projects emerged from Singapore’s first-ever blockchain hackathon.

    image of the hackathon winner, OmniChain, providing transparent data for investors in emerging markets
    Hackathon winner OmniChain provides transparent data for investors in emerging markets.
  • South Africa’s economy is growing, but so is the percentage of people living below the poverty line. The Brookings Institution explores possible causes.

  • IFMR LEAD studied the effectiveness of savings tools for women in rural Bihar, including lockboxes and financial diaries.
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