5th Stellar Build Challenge Results

Here’s to the end of 2017 — and our 5th Stellar Build Challenge!

Over 50 different projects were submitted for this year’s build challenge, and 35 projects (listed below) were awarded a total of 5.7 million lumens by our judges. Thank you so much to everyone who participated this year. Additionally, we’d like to give thanks to the community members who provided feedback for this rounds submissions.

With the increased interest in blockchain technology, this is the perfect time to make something for the next Stellar Build Challenge. The next round will end on March 15th, 2018.

We hope to see these projects again, as well as many new ones!

⭐ Stay Stellar ⭐

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Applications and ICOs

StellarExpert is a mobile-friendly block explorer and analysis platform with detailed asset stats, retrospective analysis, charts, and other unique features

Stellar for Ledger Nano S
This project is a wallet app for the Ledger Nano S that makes it possible to store your Stellar-based assets on that device.

steepx is human readable overview of operations carried out on the Stellar Network.

This project is a complete port of Stellar Java SDK to Qt/C++: full featured with all tests passing.

This project is a full port of the Stellar Java SDK API to .NET with all unit tests passing.

c_stellar_sdk is a header-only lightweight pure C library to interface with the Stellar Horizon API server, suitable for doing high-performance analytics on Stellar data.

Stellar Navigator
Stellar Navigator is a web application for the Stellar network with a fresh take on navigation, information/space, and design.

stellardesk is an account viewer, network explorer, wallet and market monitor for Stellar.

MyStellar.Tools is a universal tool and wallet that gives users a one-stop web-based application to take advantage of all the features the Stellar network has to offer.

eSACCO was created in partnership with the clic.world team to provide a fully functional social banking service to members while retaining the social values and advantages of a traditional savings and credit cooperative in Africa. The eSACCO Dividend Token (ESDT) is a tradable digital crypto-asset issued on the Stellar network.

Colorglyph is a game wherein you create and trade pixel glyphs from a limited color palette.

CrystalBall is a game built on Mobius on which users have to guess if a crypto’s price will either go up or down.

Stellar Price
stellar-price.com helps new users find the best exchange rate for purchasing Lumens using Elixir to compute the optimal currency exchange route.

The Graphite graphing solution provides fast efficient low bandwidth graphs of all assets on the Stellar network.

Stellar SDK (PHP Library)
This project provides an SDK for PHP developers to easily create applications that integrate with Stellar.

Standalone Network for Integration Testing against Horizon
This project is a standalone single-node Stellar network with fixtures for integration testing with Horizon.

FedCloud provides access to the Stellar network using customized account names.

Sudokoin provides a fun and easy introduction into the realm of crypto tokens using solving sudoku puzzles.

Papaya Anchor
Papaya Anchor is an anchor supporting multiple currencies and ERC20 tokens.

Stellar-QR is a helper library that generates Stellar links and QR codes.


Papaya Swap
Papaya Swap is a widget to be placed on any website, which exchanges XLM to BTC and BTC to XLM using Stellar DEX.

Trading Tools and Remittance Applications

ToNaira is a remittance web app that allows end users to easily send money to Nigeria and other select locations by making cash deposit, using debit or credit card, or via Stellar Lumens.

StellarTerm is an open source client for the Stellar network. Send, receive, and trade assets on the Stellar network easily with StellarTerm.

Lupoex is a comprehensive, real time trading portal for the Stellar DEX and a primitive wallet.

Interstellar is a web based wallet for Stellar that provides support for unstable internet connections and custom account names.

Stellar Desktop Client
Stellar Desktop client is a full featured wallet for Stellar and could be run on PC, Linux and Mac.

Quarx Trading
Quarx Trading is a smart trading client for the Stellar DEX featuring mass and single markets,  technical trading indicators and a view for the external Stellar markets.

StellarBot is a market-making bot that aims to increase the liquidity of an anchor’s assets against Lumens.


mystellar.org is a public forum dedicated to Stellar news, community and announcements.

GalacticTalk is a forum to discuss everything related to the Stellar platform. Connects banks, payment systems and people.  

Stellar Community
Stellar Community is forum dedicated to connecting people that are involved in the Stellar (XLM) global community.


BlackWallet is an easy-to-use multiplatform web Stellar Lumens wallet. It is an enhanced account viewer as it doesn’t require users to create an account – all you need is a private key.

Stronghold is an entry and exit point to the Stellar Network, representing Bitcoin, Ethereum and Lumens on the Stellar Distributed Exchange.

Lobstr.co is an advanced platform for managing Stellar cryptocurrency in the market and is  available as web, iOS and Android applications.

PapayaBot is an easy to use custodian wallet for fiat and cryptocurrencies, with easy currency swap, peer-to-peer trading marketplace, multi-language support.

Luuun is a wallet for Lumens created by the team behind Rehive. It acts as a benchmark, open source frontend app for other developers and businesses to get started easily and is available in the Play Store.

Astral is a web based wallet for Stellar that utilizes 2-factor authentication.

Stellar Fox
Stellar Fox is a web based wallet that aims to create a traditional banking experience on the Stellar network

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