Direct Signup Program Updates

Direct Signup Program’s Algorithm

We are releasing a spam detection update to the Direct Signup program’s authentication system today. Although we would like to let in as many people as possible right off the bat, we do need to make sure that we are on the road towards our educational goals. To accomplish this, we need to always 1) improve the content (also in progress) and 2) make sure that participants are learning as they go through the program. This means we will continually be taking measured, iterative steps to improve the program. Stellar has been around for less than three months, so it is still in the early days.

We have opted to take a conservative approach to the authentication system and increase the requirements needed for an account to be considered legitimate. This will mean that the number of false negatives (real users who cannot gain access) will increase.

For all the users who fall into this false negative category, we apologize for the inconvenience and ask that you come back at some point in the future to try again as we will be continually fine-tuning the algorithm to be smarter and more accurate.

Invite System Info

As we announced previously, we will be rolling out an invite system to allow community members to invite friends to the system. We have been slowly testing the invite system with small batches of users as some of you have seen.

Based off the learnings from the invite system tests and other community concerns about bad accounts, we have developed our own algorithm for determining which accounts will receive invitations and the invite algorithm, like our spam account filter, will constantly evolve and be made smarter with new data.

We will also be conservative with the invites and only a small percentage of users will receive them at any given time. And unfortunately, this means that not every account will receive invites even if they are a real and active user. Emailing us or tweeting asking for invites will not help or cause you to get invites. We ask that people be understanding about this.

For those community members who receive invites, it would be great if you could share your own experiences and thoughts about Stellar with whomever you end up inviting. You can also share the Learn page with them (we will be releasing a newer version of it soon as well).

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