Stellar Report: Core Developer Team Updates

Looking to learn more about the upgraded Stellar codebase? Our Stellar Core developers have been out and about, giving talks and writing articles on the more lightweight, elegant code. Here’s a roundup:

Jed McCaleb, CTO and cofounder

Jed published a piece on the upgraded Stellar network in Bitcoin Magazine. Read the full technical article to explore what’s new in the codebase.

Jed also spoke with IdeaMensch on his experiences as an entrepreneur and why he decided to cofound Bonus: Find out what book Jed recommends for budding entrepreneurs.

Graydon Hoare, Developer

Graydon, the original designer of Rust, compiled a presentation on how Stellar Core handles data. Learn about Stellar Core design choices from the developer who played a key role in the data structure decisions and get a low-level breakdown of the Stellar network.

A visualization of data flow in Stellar Core nodes
A visualization of data flow in Stellar Core nodes

Professor David Mazières, Chief Scientist

Stanford Professor David Mazières continues to iterate on the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP), the algorithm that ensures consensus in the Stellar network. This Monday, he presented SCP at the San Francisco Bitcoin Dev Meetup, exploring how the algorithm differs from others such as Paxos.

Get to know Jed, Graydon, and David even better in the Stellar Slack chat—they’d love to answer any of your questions about Stellar Core and SCP.

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