Community Highlight: Our First Developer Meetup of 2015

Thank you to everyone who came out to the first Stellar developer meetup of 2015! It was great to see so many folks who share our enthusiasm for a global financial system and are interested in building on Stellar.

If you’d like to host a meetup of your own, please get in touch.

Our first developer meetup started with presentations, which we live-streamed so people all over the world could join in.

Andrew Rogers kicked us off with a talk on the benefits of setting up a wallet server, plus a step-by-step demonstration.

Scott Fleckenstein presented on the modular client, a project currently under development. More on the modular client to come, but consider Scott’s presentation a sneak preview.

A very special thank you to Josh Beal, who shared his experience creating Reveal, a social media app built on Stellar. To learn more about Josh’s process, view his slide deck.

After the presentations, we relaxed with pizza, beer, and conversation. Everyone got the chance to meet some wonderful folks in the Stellar ecosystem.


Interested in hosting a Stellar meetup in your city? Get in touch!

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