Announcing the Winners for the Stellar Build Challenge

The ecosystem around the Stellar network continues to grow and flourish. 1,700 developers now gather in our Slack community to support each other. Our WeChat channel maxed out at 500 members in a matter of days. And when submissions for the Build Challenge closed, 40 different applications had been built with Stellar, from wallets to trading clients to explorer tools.

Submissions were judged by a panel of expert technologists and veteran community-members over the course of a few weeks. Judges were encouraged to follow the spirit of the rules and operated autonomously apart from the organization.

This first iteration of the Build Challenge functioned as a pilot, but the results exceeded our expectations. Here are all of the entries that met the Build Challenge criteria, with the winners listed in bold.



A tool that visualizes of all the nodes that participate in consensus on Stellar, and then presents this live information via a web interface and a Slack bot. screenshot

2nd) Rehive
Rehive is a platform for launching and managing payment apps. Rehive’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition from cash to digital money. We’re making it super easy for anyone to launch a Stellar Web Wallet in their own countries and markets in multiple currencies.

3rd) is a tool to visually track transactions on Stellar network. It was built in Javascript using Stellar libraries and a custom version of Bootstrap.

Get My Balance
Use this clean client to check the balance of your Stellar account in seconds. Built with Python using Flask.

Stellar Core Elasticsearch Indexer
Get granular intelligence about the Stellar network using @bfish’s new Elasticsearch indexer. Use it with Kibana to visualize, analyze and explore events on Stellar.

Stellar Donate Plugin
A Javascript plug-in to accept donations of lumens on your website.

Stellar Instant Transfer
Receive lumens via a form on your website with this plug-in.

Stellar Lookout
Listens to the Stellar network and sends text message when an account is involved in an operation.

Stellar Mailgun Notification
Listen to the Stellar ledger and receive email notifications for activity from a Stellar account.
Get ledger information from the command line. Enables utilities in bash script for the Stellar network.


The place to discuss everything related to the Stellar platform. Connects banks, payment systems and people.

Galactic Talk

Stellar Chat
A forum where people can gather to discuss and learn about Stellar.

My Stellar
Stellar news, community and announcements.


1st) Centaurus
The first Stellar Wallet for Android.

2nd) Stargazer
The Stargazer Wallet is a mobile/desktop wallet for the Stellar payments network.

Easy-to use wallet that supports Chinese and English.


Lobstr is a quick and easy way to store and transfer Lumens. Simple, smooth and secure, it has all what it takes to manage your money wisely.

Built on Rehive, a platform for launching and managing payment applications, Luuun is a web wallet that supports federation. Mobile application expected to launch soon.

Luun Wallet


Manage your Stellar account with ease and track lumen conversions to Nigerian Naira.

Saza Wallet

A Stellar wallet built with React Native, for iOS and Android.


Anchors who submitted were not live (accepting deposits and issuing credits on the network). Awards will be distributed in the next round if anchors meet they meet the relevant criteria.

Consolation) NaoBTC
A Bitcoin anchor for the Stellar network. Bank
Direct banking with real-time text chat with the features of mojis, audio/video conference chat and real-time screen sharing and much more.

MONI provides consumer payment accounts in lumens and Euros featuring a MasterCard, mobile app and web access in EUR.


CNY anchor in China. Allows you to send money to any bank or Alipay account in China.

Tempo is a EUR anchor. It facilitates remittances from Europe to the world, a $150 billion market. Using the Stellar network, Tempo can power 600,000 transactions for $.01 in fees.

Trading Clients

1st) Ecliptic
Ecliptic is a trading client utilizing the Stellar Distributed Exchange. The service also includes a managed wallet service.


my_wallet is a full-featured wallet that sends and receives native Lumens as well as transactions in any asset type. Send fully funded accounts and ask for payments with just a URL link. Think of it as your Stellar Paypal and stock/currency exchange web app all in one package.

Moving Forward

Winners can expect to receive a note from the Foundation regarding receiving their lumens.

In the next round we will tweak the process a bit in light of what we’ve learned, so stay tuned.

Thanks to our judges for their time and counsel.

The next round of Build Challenge submissions closes January 15.

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