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The New and Improved Anchor Directory: Find Interoperable Asset Issuers and On/Off Ramps on Stellar

Stellar anchors have long been crucial to the accessibility of the Stellar network. Anchors provide offerings including on/off ramps, crypto- and fiat-backed digital assets, and cross-border payments on Stellar. In collaboration with digital wallets, these anchors build on Stellar to establish a global payment system that's efficient, accessible, and compliant.  Critically, many anchors use Stellar’s interoperable standards to make it easier to work together.

For newcomers to Stellar, the Anchor Directory centralizes the list of anchors on the Stellar network in an easy-to-use catalog, with filters showing what standards and assets are supported by each anchor. Today, we’re excited to announce the latest changes to the directory that make it even more seamless to find and contact potential new partners building on Stellar!

Discover complementary anchors

The Anchor Directory provides a one-stop shop for both wallets and anchors to find complementary anchors to connect to on Stellar. Ideally, cross-border payments companies, money transmitters, banks, fintechs, and digital wallets can leverage the directory to quickly filter for companies that meet their business needs and reach out to connect. 

These connections can be made between two anchors or between anchors and wallets. For example, send and receive side cross-border payments anchors can work together to build a new payments corridor between their respective jurisdictions of operation. Or, a wallet can integrate on/off ramps or digital assets from a variety of anchors, to introduce new payment solutions to the wallet’s end users.

New features in the Anchor Directory

Before we dive into how to use the directory, let’s take a moment to review the latest updates. When you arrive on the page, you’ll find a few new fields on the left side menu panel and within each anchor tile:

  • Search: Quickly search for anchors based on their name, country, or supported asset(s)
  • Contact Info: Click the anchor tile to find the email, social and keybase info for that anchor
  • Attestation of Reserves: Coming soon! This icon will enable you to review attestation reports produced by certain issuing anchors on Stellar
  • Digital Asset Info: Click on hyperlinked assets within an anchor tile to learn more about that asset in Stellar Expert, the Stellar network’s primary block explorer
  • Supported Standard: Identify Stellar Ecosystem Proposal (SEP)-compatible anchors supporting SEPs -6, -24, or -31 
  • Anchor Type: Sort by the type of anchor and the key services they offer
The Anchor Directory in action!

Contact potential partners directly via the Anchor Directory

Now that we have the latest updates out of the way, allow me to walk you through how to use the directory with examples for both anchors and wallets:

You’re a money transmitter based in the US providing send-side cross-border payments services on Stellar. You’re interested in finding a receive-side anchor in Mexico:

  • Step 1: Search for Mexico in the search bar or click on MXN under ‘Fiat Assets.’
  • Step 2: Review the list of anchors and check SEP 31 under ‘Supported Standards’ to find anchors with cross-border interoperability.
  • Step 3: Click on the desired anchor tile from the remaining choices and click the web or social links to learn more about them.
  • Step 4: After learning a bit about the anchor, click on the email icon to reach out to their team.

You’re a wallet looking to provide a new fiat-to-crypto on/off ramps for users in Brazil:

  • Step 1: Search for Brazil in the search bar or click on BRL under ‘Fiat Assets.’
  • Step 2: Review the list of anchors and check SEP 24 under ‘Supported Standards’ to find anchors with deposit and withdrawal interoperability.
  • Step 3: Click on the desired anchor tile from the remaining choices and click the web or social links to learn more about them.
  • Step 4: After learning a bit about the anchor, click on the email icon to reach out to their team.

And there you have it, a straightforward path to finding compatible anchors in four steps!

Get Started

Now that you understand how to use the Anchor Directory, you’re ready to start exploring the network of available anchors on Stellar. Reach out, connect, and start building solutions that expand your product offerings and enable new use cases for your end users.  

Please remember, this directory is not comprehensive – since Stellar is a permissionless network, we recommend checking block explorers like to see the most comprehensive list of issuers and assets on Stellar.


To learn more about anchors on Stellar, visit the resources below.

  • Anchor Basics: Read more about anchors’ role in the ecosystem.
  • Stellar Ramps: Get to know the services offered by anchors on the network.
  • Anchor Platform: Leverage an out-of-the-box solution to become an anchor on Stellar.


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